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Food Policy and Habits

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The survival of human being depends on the food. Globally, food is known to be more than a source of nutrients and energy for human well-being. The food we eat, how we eat, who we eat with, when we eat, and what we eat reflects the socio-economic, cultural, political, and environmental complexity of the food. Universally, people eat regularly as their most common human activity ( Koç et al., 2016) . The priorities chosen are improved food-related health outcomes: Improved Canadians' health status related to food consumption and reduced burden of diet-related disease, particularly among groups at higher risk of food insecurity and Strong Indigenous food systems: To be co-developed in partnership with Indigenous communities and organizations.  

The priorities were chosen because of how food habits shape and are shaped by culture, the influence of capitalist consumer culture, alternative culture on food and shopping habits and ways in which unconscious cultural constructs shape food habits. The people living in Canada are affected by daily food habits because it provides energy, health, economic growth and community togetherness. Food and culture usually are directly linked to each other for instance, most Canadians from china are perfect at using chopsticks to eat, whereas Asians from the south like foods with spices ( Lamory, & Laporte, 2016) . However, most people associate food and culture with these stereotypes, but food habits are affected mainly by capitalism's larger culture. One of the leading nutrition and health issue is food security and culture. Therefore, many people develop shopping habits influenced by their health concerns, local practices, the local origin of food, certification, altruism and specialties ( Koç et al., 2016)

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The groups at a higher risk of food insecurity are twice as likely to have poor health with conditions such as cancer than food-secure children. The improvement of Canadians' food-related outcomes is essential to prevent negative impact on people’s physical, social and mental health ( Lamory, & Laporte, 2016) . Canadians' health status is improved when they have a high intake of milk products, vegetables, fruits, and legumes, which reduces diet-related diseases. According to MacRae (2011), adults and children that experience food insecurity will have mental health issues and risk developing depression, asthma and mental breakdown. 

In conclusion, food habits shape and are shaped by the culture in many societies. It provides information on how the relationship between humans and food changes society and develops new technology. Consequently, the influence of capitalist consumer culture and alternative food and shopping habits influences country policies. Many people are concerned with their health, local practices, food certification, and the produced food specialities. 


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