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Hawaiian Airlines: The Most Dependable Airline in the World

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Describe the airline, its aircraft fleet, route structure and number of employees 

Hawaiian airlines are the most dependable airline in the world as explained by OAG. It is the biggest airline in Hawaii and among the top ten largest airlines in the United States of America. The airline is found in Honolulu, Hawaii. It functions its primary hub at the International airport of Honolulu and a subsidiary hub out of the airport of Kahului on Maui Island. The airline company is owned and managed by Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. The current president and chief executive of the airline are Mark Dunkerley. The air has led all carriers in the United States in on-time performance for the past thirteen years that is between 2004-2016 following a report released by the Department of Transportation in the United States. 

Client surveys done by Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler have ranked the airline as the best of all domestic airlines operating in Hawaii. Celebrating its eighty-eighth year of service, Hawaiian airlines has become the longest and biggest serving airline. It is also the largest supplier of passenger air business from its primary visitor markets on the mainland of the U.S. It supplies non-stop service from more gateway cities in the U.S which is about eleven to Hawaii than any other type of airline. It also has service from South Korea, Australia, China, Japan, Tahiti, New Zealand, and American Samoa. Also, it provides roughly one hundred and seventy jet flights on a daily basis between the Islands of Hawaii, with an aggregate of more than two hundred and fifty flights on a day-day basis system wide. 

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Hawaiian Airlines offers a variety of services in the flight. It supplies complimentary and beverage service that is paid on all of its planes. However, meals are not given on interisland flights since the flight time is short. In its flights operating in U.S mainland, the airline is one of the only significant carriers in the U.S to supply complimentary meals in its first cabin still. The meals are made using natural ingredients only and are packaged with materials that can be recycled (Gui Lohmann, 2013). The airline also entertains its guests. On Boeing 767 plane, the airline offers tablets of iPad mini for rent. Moreover, it also provides movies which are displayed on projection screens. Before September 1st, 2013, Hawaiian airlines put forth Dig player video players that are portable for rent. The Airbus A330 airplane has on-demand units that are found in every back of the seats. Towards the end of 2014, the airline embarked giving extra comfort seating on its A330-200 aircraft. The luxury seating provided upgrades for seating space for its passengers together with enhanced soft-product offerings for guests on international routes. 

Since 2001, Hawaiian airlines has increased its route network by more than half, from thirteen to twenty-seven airports served by the airline. It also serves eleven international destinations. It presently operates a fleet of twenty-three Airbus A330s, eight Boeing 767s, and twenty Boeing 717 aircraft. Additionally, it supplies flights of turboprop utilizing three ATR-42 aircraft with the help of its Ohana by the service of Hawaiian. The airline anticipates taking delivery of eighteen modern A321 neo aircraft amidst the fourth quarter of 2017 and 2020. 

Hawaiian airlines currently revealed a refurbished identity of the brand as well as the freshly painted of a Boeing 717 (N488HA). It is the first of its fleet of more than fifty airplanes that will have the recent design. Pualani implying flower of the sky, the cherished icon of the brand of Hawaiian airlines for more than four decades, never ceases to gaze forward on the aircraft’s tail. According to the president of the airlines, the new design mirrors a stronger, more modern symbolization of hospitality and a culture of service of the airlines which is the foundation of the experience of their guests. The new design portrays the place of Hawaiian airlines and calls attention to the commitment the workers of the airline make every day to provide their guests with an amiable and unimpeachable island welcome. 

The brand of Hawaiian airlines has always been iconic (David, 2013). The new look respects their rich culture and history while advancing to celebrate the unique and authentic spirit that has assisted the airline company for many years. Serving as the brand identity for the airline, Pulani has progressed over the years during the critical times of growth. Pulani came out in 1973 as one of the first female symbol painted on a commercial airline’s tail and symbolized the transformation of Hawaiian airlines to an all-jet airline with the threshold of McDonnell Douglas DC-9s. The last evolution of Pulani was in 2001 when the airline’s new transpacific Boeing 767s and interisland Boeing 717s became members of the fleet, bringing in a more sophisticated and competitive airline at the period expressed via adaptations of brand symbolizing the appearance of an Island woman of the twenty-first century. 

The new visual identity curtain-raises the next chapter in the eighty-eight-year history of Hawaiian Airlines with the accession of the single-aisle A321 and the medium-haul neo fleet subsequently this year. It is the following step in a series of underlying investments where Hawaiian has contributed to lounges, airline cabins, and other areas of the client experience over the past half a decade. It has done all these things to enhance the service of the carrier as well as to make sure Hawaiian’s position as the best airline for numerous travelers flying within Hawaii or to Hawaii. To add to its new growth phase, the company will also create new uniforms for its frontline, themed “Together we Stand,” by the end of this year (Worthington, 2010). 

The root structure of Hawaiian airline in Hawaii involves destinations such as Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Island of Hawaii, Molokai, and Lanai. In North America, the airline offers its services to Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, Phoenix, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Jose. In the region of South Pacific and Asia, the flight operates in Papeete which is the capital city of Tahiti, Pago Pago, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Osaka-Kansai, Tokyo, Beijing, Sapporo-Chitose, and Seoul-Incheon. It has also expanded its route offering non-stop service to Philippines, and Manila. The airline is the only company in the U.S supplying continuing service between Manila and Honolulu. 

Hawaiian airlines had three thousand, seven hundred and seven active employees as of December 31st, 2008 in comparison to three thousand, four hundred and fifteen active workers in December 31st, 2007. Benefits expense and wages represented roughly twenty-one percent and twenty-three percent of all the total expenditures in operations in 2008 and 2007 respectively. The percentages in 2008 do not include the effect of the litigation settlement. From December 31, 2008, roughly eighty-seven percent of the airline workers were covered by agreements of labor with a variety of labor groups including "Association of Flight attendants, Transport Workers Union, Airline Pilots Association, and International Association of Machinists and Aerospace (Worthington, 2010) ." 

Determine whether the airline is organized as a corporation with private ownership or is owned by the national government. 

Hawaiian airlines are organized as a corporation which is owned privately. Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. is the parent organization of Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. On June 2, 2008, the company moved to NASDAQ. Hawaiian Holdings is a holding organization whose primary asset is the sole owner of all outstanding and issued shares of Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.’s common stock. The airline announced on June 30, 2008, that it had become a member of Russell 3000 Index. Hawaiian Airlines has partnered with other airlines around the globe to give its customers the best experience. It has partnered with airlines like China Airlines, JetBlue, Korean Air, All Nippon Airways, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Turkish Airlines, South African Airways, United Airlines, and Philippine Airlines. 

Identify the governmental agency or authority responsible for regulation of the safety of the airline’s flight operations in its home town and the governmental agency or authority, if any, empowered to regulate the routes flown, rates charged, and other economic aspects of the airline’s flight operations. 

Hawaiian Airlines is subject to far-reaching and changing state, local, federal and laws and regulations of transportation in the destinations the airline serves. The agencies look at the operations of the airline to oversee compliance with applicable rules and legislation. Authorities in the government have the ability to enforce compliance with the required regulations and laws and get injunctions or impose criminal or civil penalties. Also, the governmental authorities have the potential to take actions against Hawaiian airlines certificates in case of law violations. 

The airline is accountable to the regulatory jurisdiction of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) in addition to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airline functions under a certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity disseminated by the DOT which authorizes the airline to supply commercial aircraft service and a part 121 Scheduled Carrier Operating Certificate given by the FAA (Mallikarjun, 2015). The certificates may be changed, amended, suspended, or modified by the DOT if the convenience and necessity of the public so require, or they may be nullified for failure internationally by the certificate holder to conform to the terms and conditions. The DOT has jurisdiction and authority over international fares and routes, policies regarding consumer protection including liability of baggage as well as compensation for denied-boarding, and competitive practices that are unfair are introduced in the Airline Deregulation Act created in 1978. 

The FAA has supervisory jurisdiction over the operations of a variety of flights generally, involving facilities on the ground, equipment, maintenance, security systems, in addition to other matters of safety. To follow this regulation, Hawaiian Airlines has established its operations by these rules, and the FAA has accepted a program for maintenance for each kind of aircraft the airline operates that supplies for the continued maintenance of its aircraft, starting from routine inspections to superior overhauls. Current flight operations are now needed to follow the new document of Aircraft processes which delineates the certification-related needs to increase a new aircraft to the operating fleet. 

The FAA allows all programs of airline maintenance, including changes to the program. Also, the FAA accords licenses to the mechanics who carry out the inspection, overhauls, repairs, along with the inspectors who oversee the work. It regularly issues directives of airworthiness, usually in response to particular reports or incidents by manufacturers or operators, needing drivers of stated types of equipment to carry out prescribed inspections, modifications, or repairs within the specified time periods or cycle numbers. In the last many years, The FAA has given some directives for maintenance as well other regulations relating to the requirements of writing for aging aircraft, collision avoidance systems, cargo compartment fire suppression systems, more inspection requirements, and avoidance systems for airborne wind shear. 

The minimum flight time, if any, for commercial airline flight deck crewmembers in the airline’s home nation. 

The minimum connection time for commercial airline flight from Neighbor Island to Neighbor Island in Honolulu is around twenty minutes. It also takes one hour and five minutes from neighbor Island to North America. The connection times from North America to Neighbor Island is also one hour five minutes in Honolulu. Also, the least connection time from North America or Neighbor Island to International destinations is one hour. It also takes two hours for one to get a connection flight from international destinations to North America or Neighbor Island. The connection times are for Hawaiian Airlines to other flights of Hawaiian Airlines. 

Determine the extent to which the airline’s fleet consist of owned vs. leased aircraft. 

Hawaiian Airlines has a total of forty-eight aircraft in its fleet. Out of this number, sixteen aircraft are leased while thirty-two of them are privately owned by the airline. The Airline holds most of its fleets which show that it does not agree with leasing as an option for financing aircraft. Large airlines like Hawaiian Airlines have smaller percentages of aircraft that are leased. 

Identify and describe all accidents involving an aircraft operated by that airline since 1/01/2000, including the probable cause of each. 

In May 2015, a Hawaiian airlines flight coming from Los Angeles to Honolulu had to make an emergency landing at LAX airport after an indicator light came on. However, the planned land safely without any one getting injured. Officials say that there were two hundred and ninety passengers on board and ten crew members on the A-330 aircraft when it turned around just after reaching the altitude of cruising (Patrick Baumgarten Robert Malina, 2014) . After the light indicator had come on, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing for safety. The officials from Hawaiian Airlines acknowledged that there was a fuel spill from the plane which had caused a delay for about two hours. Nevertheless, the records showed that it was not a mechanical problem. The officials further said that there was an open fuel valve and that is why the indicator light came on. However, when the plane landed safely, the maintenance team inspected the problem and confirmed that the valve was closed. The plane was cleared for service and departed the airport at around 4.30 p.m. 

That was the third emergency landing for the Airlines in May 2015. On 1st May, passengers on another flight named HA 24 were forced to come out of the airplane using slides for emergency after a smell was identified in the cabin. The airplane had to return to its departure city of Kahului on Maui for an emergency landing. Two individuals had minor injuries. On 12th May, HA 118 again made an emergency landing in the town of Maui because of a surge in the left engine of the plane. Hawaiian Airlines is the oldest carrier in the United States that has never experienced a disastrous accident throughout its history, and the airline regularly tops the airline list in the U.S. It also has the least cancellations, issues of handling baggage as well as over sales. 

Determine whether the airline’s pilots and maintenance personnel based in the airline’s home nation are represented by a labor union or unions and identify and describe any strike activity that may have disrupted airline operations since 1/01/2000. 

The airline pilots and maintenance teams of Hawaiian Airlines are represented by labor unions in its home nation. For instance, pilots are represented by Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) while the engineering and maintenance personnel are represented by International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). The airline has never experienced any strike activity that may have disrupted the airline operations. Nonetheless, in 2016, pilots threatened to strike and disrupt the functioning of the airline. The pilots were complaining that they are underpaid when compared to other pilots of other carriers flying similar airplanes on the same routes. The airline managed to agree with the labor union of the pilots. The pay rates of the pilots have been considerably improved and symbolize competitive market. Also, the pilots are to receive huge bonuses consistent with the standards of the industry. Moreover, training pay has also increased. 


In a nutshell, Hawaiian Airlines is one of the most successful airlines in the world. The Honolulu based airline is among the top ten largest airlines in the United States of America. The airline offers its services in some countries including South Korea, Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand, and American Samoa. The company is privately owned, and it has partnered with a variety of airlines around the globe to give their guests the best experience. It offers many services during the flight. It supplies complimentary and beverage service, catering services, entertainment, and comfortable seats for their passengers so that the guests can have a good experience during the flight. The activities of the airline are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation. The services of the airline are excellent, and it has never experienced any fatal accident. The employees are also represented by labor unions for better service. 


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