29 Sep 2022


How to Create a Financial Workplace

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The financial workplace is constantly evolving and adapting to global economic dynamics. Acquisition and development of skills are part of the demands in the world working environments. Individual aspirations require knowledge of a desire, preparation, focus, goals, right environment, people, and opportunities. I have gained considerable experience working under supervisors and managers. Also, I have led teams in financial consultancy and analysis. My motivation for applying to London Business School’s (LBS) Masters in Finance program are the visionary leadership, diversity, and international reputation that is in the school. 

The quality of leadership in the LBS is instrumental to the international recognition. The success rate in the workplace of graduates from the school is one motivation that informed my application to LBS. this leadership and staff quality suggests that they share the aspirations of their students. The cross-cultural outlook and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff of LBS can help bring my goals within and after graduation to fruition. I am looking forward to experiencing the global diversity in the school. Also, the student and staff ratio is excellent. It is indicative of the strong and practical international perspective that one will get at the school and afterwards. 

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I have learned through work experience that the right learning environment and people have great impact in career success. It is believed that about 96% of the student population is non-UK, reinforcing the reputation of the school and the ranking it maintains. I have the intention of working in the United Kingdom. The LBS is in my evaluation the best school that will prepare with for the changing global workplace. Ambitions require individual readiness, goals, focus, the right environment and people. It is my conviction that the LBS have the right environment, people, and opportunity for me to achieve my goals in the school and after graduation.

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