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Impact of Finance on Program Success

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Financial analysis is a very important practice required in various projects, practices and organizations. The method of financial analysis that will be beneficial for the selected problem is technological analysis. Technological analysis is important because it makes it possible for the leaders of the project to conduct cost benefit analysis, project costs and implications and the general amount required to complete the project effectively (Goodman, 2014) . 

Moreover, technological financial analysis is also important because it considers factors such as planning, evaluative and analytical techniques. Thus, using technological methods of financial analysis makes it possible for the professional to effectively plan on handling the project from the beginning to the last stage (Goodman, 2014) . It also shows the financial implication and costs that will be involved in evaluating the success or failure of the program. 

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Another important aspect of using technological financial analysis is that it makes it possible for the project leaders to engineer feasibility studies for solving the problem at hand. Moreover, the specialist will also be able to conduct effective clinical trials required for solving the problem within the chosen population (Goodman, 2014) . Thus, technological cost analysis will present evidence monetary implications for conducting the required clinical trials to help deal with the problem. It also helps in introducing consensus development method that area also beneficial when aiming to solve problems that affect teenagers and people in similar problems. 

Financial implications 

Some of the financial implications that may results if health professionals do not address suicide among teenage suicide are that the government will have to incur high amounts of money in dealing with medical provisions for teenage patients who have attempted to commit suicide. On the same note, the families of these teenagers will also have to incur a lot of money dealing with suicide issue that affect their children. On the same note, families involved with teenagers usually go through a lot of emotional problems that also make it necessary for them to seek further medical help in the form of counselling. 

In many instances, they always have to foot the bills that go towards such services hence devastating their already bad financial situations. Similarly, failure to deal with teenage suicide in an early manner also leads to financial loss in the employment sector. For example, a research study by the CDC states that there were 44,000 teenage suicides in 2015 (CDC, 2016). The increases in the number of teen deaths lead to loss of profits especially in firms and organization that employ teenagers. The financial loss is evident because of the lack of jobs conducted due to teen death or missing jobs as they recover from suicide attempts. Thus, organizations also suffer financial losses when health professionals fail to deal with teen deaths effectively. 

The long term implications of not addressing teenage suicide is that many families will have to suffer psychologically while dealing with the knowledge that their teenagers have attempted suicide (CDC, 2014) . It will also lead to financial and emotional strains for such families especially when they aim to understand why their teenage children would opt to suicide ad not any other method of solving their problems. The psychological issues will also lead to more psychiatric conditions such as stress, anxiety, and eve depression not only on the family member of the teens but also on the teens alone. Thus, the teenagers will frequently involve in suicidal activities that can lead to increased mortality rates among this generation. 

Moreover, if large number of teenagers lose their lives to suicide, the future organizations will lack enough number of man power because there will be very few people left to work in many job sectors (Goodman, 2014) . The high amounts of stress brought about by teenage suicide in different families will also lead to increased depression and even suicide among the elder members of families. On the other hand, the short term implication of not dealing with teenage suicide will lead to increases in such conditions. Increased suicidal attempts have both emotional and financial implication on the family members and the public in general. 

Technological analysis if finances for any programs are important for quality outcomes buy making sure that the program proceeds smoothly. They are also able to come up with effective financial planning that they can use for handling and operating the project. On the same note, using technology to analyse organizational fiancés also make it possible for the program analyse to effectively plan for the execution and monitoring of the processes that leads to the finishing of the project (Goodman, 2014) . Using technology will also make it possible for program specialists to come up with effective strategies for ensuring qualities during the program. Moreover, it will make it possible for project leaders to come up with effective methods of evaluating every step of the project till completions. 

They will also need to come up with appropriate strategies for handling any future problems that might take place in the process of the program. Technological analysis also makes it possible for the program developers to come up with methods of ensuring that the project becomes functional over a long period of time. In this case, they will be able to cater for both immediate and long term financial requirements for handling the project. Similarly, technological financial analysis will also make it possible for program analyst to know how they have pent allocated funds as well as evaluate areas that still require financing. 


CDC. (2014). Suicide: Consequences. CDC. 

Goodman, C. (2014). HTA 101 Introduction to health technology assessment. Virginia: The Lewin Group . 

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