7 Oct 2022


Justification of Reflections and Recommendations

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Credible understanding and application of criminal justice require adequacy of techniques in analyzing the crime scene, documenting the shooting scene, and analysis of ballistic evidence. The approaches used in analyzing crime scenes should utilize the available evidence to project a picture that will guide in processing the events that occurred at the crime scene. Various emerging forensic technologies have introduced credible techniques for analyzing bloodstain evidence in a crime scene. The credible blending of ballistic analysis evidence with relevant skills in crime scene analysis fosters the administration of criminal justice. 

The adoption of light technology in scene processing is a reliable skill because it ensures that the invisible pieces of evidence are spotted easily. The justification for my claim is that light technology provides varied spectrum analysis techniques hence increasing the ability to expose evidence with partially invisible complexion (Woulfe & Balzer, 2019). Though the application of brush and powder technique is helpful in the recovery of fingerprint evidence, I vehemently feel that the method is outdated. My recommendation is that the technique would be made more effective by adopting a technique to retrieve wiped figure prints. The justification of my recommendation is the evolution like crimes since modern-day criminals have mastered on clearing evidence through wiping techniques. 

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The technique of bullet defect varication through chemical methodology is a landmark innovation in the analysis of a crime scene. The use of chemical methods increases the accuracy of in the analysis of bullet defect cases. I feel that the use of chemical methodology will aid in determining the impacts caused by bullet penetration. The attempt to explain bullet paths using trajectory rods techniques in essential in analyzing long distance shootings which mainly involve snipers (Gardner & Maloney, 2016). The reason is that the use of trajectory rods eases the process analyzing the scene since it provides a base of determining the type and size of the bullet using the caliber measurements. The various principles applied in scrutinizing the multiple patterns of bloodstains are vital in determining the magnitude of violence with which a crime was perpetrated. The technique of analyzing the various shapes formed by bloodstains provides reliable clues in unveiling the truths in a case. 


Gardner, M., R & Maloney, M (2016). 10 Shooting Scene Documentation and Reconstruction. 

Woulfe, M., & Balzer, A. (2019). U.S. Patent No. 10,509,988. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

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