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Logistics in the Business Organization

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Logistics by definition is the feature of military science which deals with the maintenance, procurement, and transportation of military facilities, materials and personnel. When one talks of logistics in an organization, this means a conservative organization of activities which are complicated to make them happens in a more fruitful and efficient way (Lambert, Stock, & Ellram, 1998). The purpose for writing this essay is to describe and discuss how the Armed Military Forces which I have worked for in the past is mainly affected by the logistics issues and on the other hand finally, describe how the organization could more adequately address the issues. 

An armed force as a group is mainly affected by the problem of mobilization. This issue is frequently brought about when the organization is not in a position to meet the three basic requirements for mobilization (Bowersox, Closs, & Helferich, 1996). Many times occur when the company cannot acquire the people to fight if the company fails to avail the proper means of the force which includes weapons and survival basics and finally lack of ability to exercise direction by the organization. For these three main logistics issues, it is impossible to have to have an armed group without people, weapon and even the ability to give its fighters direction. As a matter of fact, it is prudent for an armed force to be able to motivate personnel to fight for it. The organization must convince the potential recruits to realize why they have to fight and possibly die for the organization. 

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In a broader aspect, personnel should be motivated to fight in four ways. Fighters should fight out of a loyalty sense. They should also be motivated to have a feeling that for survival fighting is mutually beneficial. There should be economic incentives to the fighters. Finally, they may just be compelled to fight. 


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