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Murder Capital of New York

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The crime in Newburgh, New York

Newburgh is a city that has the highest rate of crime in New York. This tiny city has been considered as the place where the FBI agents to arrest the young men carry out the most ambitious gang raids. One morning, a convoy of SUVs was streamed into Newburgh city where more than 200 law enforcement officers were dropped on the ruined town while the military commandos were preparing for the harmonized raid. The law enforcement officers were dressed in goggles and helmets and armed with M4 assault rifles. This made the SWAT teams to burst into a series of decrepit houses shouting that the FBI, get down. This result of the raid is that the blood street gangs were taken into federal custody later in that morning. Some young men were charged with robbery, possession of firearms, murder, assault, a conspiracy of distributed drugs and attempted murder. This raid was designed restore the rule of law in this city because the violent gangs have taken the advantage of good citizens in the Newburgh City (Barton, 2014). Through the threat by the law enforcement authorities, the crime in the city has reduced.

The National Gang Intelligence Center released a threat assessment in 2009, which showed that the gangs are moving from urban areas to rural and suburban communities. This showed that the rate of crime in the city is reducing faster than in the rural environ. Therefore, the Newburgh Street in New York has cleaned up crime because the gangs have changed their venue to the surrounding areas. Through several raids by the law enforcement authorities, most alleged members of the dominant gangs in the city like the Latin Kings and Blood have been apprehended. The raid has also made the drug traders to ebb that have contributed to safer walk along the city streets and hence, FBI agent or James Galliano through the effort and measure places this improvement. The following study analyzes the crime trends in the Newburgh City of New York.

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The rate of crime in Newburgh is 55 in the ratio of a thousand inhabitants. There is the highest rate of crime in this city as compared to any other part of American communities, from the less populated to the highly populated cities. The possibility of the inhabitant to be a victim of either property or violent crime is one in eighteen. The study showed that the New York 98 percentage and above crime is conducted in the Newburgh City while the other communities contribute the lowest (Felson & Boivin, 2015). The study done by the Neighborhood Scout reveals that the Newburgh city is among the top hundred dangerous cities in America. The study also showed that the comparison of the Newburgh city with other communities with similar inhabitant about crime rate for both violent and property is higher than the average. Neighborhood Scout results reveal that the Newburgh’s rate of crime in comparison with other communities with the same number of residence is the highest. The study conducted using the crime data analysis are the seven difference offenses from the same crime reports that were done by FBI from different local law enforcement agencies for both violent and property crimes. 

In most cases, the rate of violent crime in the Newburgh is the highest in the nation in all communities of all sizes. The violent truck offenses included murder, rape, armed robbery, non-negligent assault manslaughter, and aggressive assault such as assault with a deadly weapon. The analysis of FBI done by Neighborhood Scout's reveals that in the crime data, the chance of a resident of Newburgh being a victim of any of such crimes is one ration of 63. The analysis done by Neighborhood Scout is, based on the report provided by the FBI concerning the number of murders and the population of in the city, reveals that it is facing the highest murder rates in the nation. The Neighborhood Scout results were used to compare with other towns and cities with different sizes of population, from the highest to the lowest populated areas.

The Newburgh rate of property crime as per the report provided by the Neighborhood Scout is 39 in a thousand populations. The results showed that Newburgh is a place, which is above the average of being a victim of property crime as it is compared to all other communities with similar population size in America. These property crimes include arson, burglary, theft of motor vehicles and larceny (Chester, 1976). The ration of the Newburgh residence to be victims of any one of these crimes is one in twenty-six. Newburgh is considered as the murder capital of the world because this is the city with the highest rate of crime, both violent and property per capita as compared to other parts of America. The effort has been put to turn things around in this city where the waterfront is considered as the most assets of the city. New businesses have made it turn out of waterfront that has contributed to the biggest problem of this city of undertaking its activities in a convenient area. The Newburgh has been made the ideal place for drug runners. The Newburgh city is the murder capital because it is the most populated states in America and is the most dangerous state with full of crimes. These criminal acts have made most of the states to be ranked, where the Newburgh is among the states with the highest population.

Factors that Contributed to Crime, Violence in Newburgh include the availability of weapons. Even without guns, Newburgh gangs could use other things as weapons, for example, knives. The only gun control strategy could not solve the problem. Poverty is another factor that contributed to crime violence in the Newburgh City. With the poverty, no peace could exist in the country. Poverty forced people to steal from others or even grab other people’s property by force. Poverty was the factor, which made people corrupt in various ways. All these contributed to criminal cases. One could not let someone who had stolen his or her property to live in peace. Unemployment also contributed to crime violence in the city. A drunkard is always more likely to cause violence than a sober person. The one who is drunk can take a knife and hurt others unknowingly and unwillingly (Southwick, 1997). This is attributed to idleness due to unemployment.

The high rate of unemployment, which was in the town contributed to high crime violence activities. Apart from the availability of guns, another contributing factor to crime, violence was the high number of school dropouts. These were due to the high number of idle youths in the city, and youths were the most energetic group. When one was idle, with nothing constructive to do, it made him or her get involved in unproductive activities, which led to crime violence. Such people were likely to engage themselves in activities such as murder or theft among others to be recognized as heroes. 

Some of the ways to apply to help prevent the crime in Newburgh, New York include sharing of information with the law enforcement officers concerning any security of the city. The information to be shared will include personal information connected to any activity that may undermine the national security and Newburgh citizens. The security measures target activities that are broadly defined considering if they undermine the security, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Newburgh including its citizens. The administration of criminal justice will have to adhere to the meanings as defined by the new law. The security agencies should take into consideration legitimate protest and advocacy that are both common and important in a democratic society, avoiding a breach of the city bylaws and regulatory rules. Murder cases in Newburgh were mostly caused by the drug war. The government should not only ban guns but should ensure it solve the problem of crime, violence, which are the most factors that make people commit crimes. Besides, it should look for ways of solving the drug war problem while developing guns control strategy. The restriction of the gun may make the weak people to lack self-defense, and the criminals can take advantage of it and can increase crime, violence through drug war since only a few or the strong people can access guns. Another possible solution that should be adopted concerning the crime, violence problem is the longer mandatory sentencing for repeat violent crimes (Kuziemko, 2006). If this rule is accepted, people will fear to commit crimes, as nobody will like to be sentenced for a long period or being sentenced to death.

In conclusion, Newburgh was considered the murder capital because of the high rate of crime taking place than in other parts with the same population in America. New policies should impose to regulate the behavior in the city, especially the young youth who drops schooling at an early age. These youth should go back to school to reduce the level of poverty in the future. The government should ensure the educated people with skills to be employed to utilize their skills and knowledge and reduce idleness in the city.


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