19 Sep 2022


OECD Better Life Index: Mexico

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According to the OECD, Mexico faces significant challenges compared to other states within the regional bloc that set it out from the crowd within the regional bloc. Some of these challenges include the educational gap, with a large majority of Mexicans having only secondary education. This is at least 30 average points from the bloc’s average. Moreover, Mexicans are having specific challenges with income, pointing to high poverty rates within the country, jobs and the safety of the country. Despite this, Mexicans seem to be satisfied generally with their life standards and generally engage in their civic duties. Nevertheless, concerns regarding security, education levels, income levels and employment.

Considering the four factors prevalent in Mexico against a personal index, some of the factors can be considered as trade-offs, in that a compromise can easily be achieved. While the four factors plaguing Mexico are critical to security and economic prosperity of the country, community, life satisfaction and work-life balance can be considered as trade-offs which will steadily and progressively be achieved as the more critical aspects of development are established. This is because these three are generally put in place as the economic stability of a country is achieved. As a result, these can be compromised for a while as more foundational aspects of economic development are addressed, more so higher education for Mexicans, increased economic equality and job opportunities as well as security and safety. Nevertheless, this is not to say that any of the trade-off factors are not important. It is merely a matter of priority consideration in light of many areas needing improvement for the Mexican standard of living, compared to other regional members of the OECD. Notably, however, this view could vary depending on one’s country and culture of origin.

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