1 Aug 2022


Professional Accreditation: How to Get It and What It Means

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Developed competencies 

The unit has helped me to understand what it takes to be a great accountant. Core competencies that I was able to learn are how to calculate variances, how to conduct an effective research would improve accounting skills and how to use direct and indirect methods when processing information. I keep finding new things that I feel is relevant and should be added to it. While researching the top accounting and auditing firms I realized that they often do extraordinary things regarding customer and staff satisfaction. Core accounting skills are often emphasised hence the need for a potential candidate to have undertaken a CPA course.

Leveraging feedback from my peers in the Discussion Board 

I firmly believe that each person has an opportunity to improve and my peer’s response seem to have taken this into consideration. It is clear that they have been very supportive and allowed me to see things from a different perspective. In unit 4 project, I had a difficult time at first, therefore; I believe that the live chat helped me to pull it all together. I also feel that research and thorough reading made things much easier for me. These are among the things that my peers said within the discussion board, and I was very pleased to interact with them.

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How the competencies will support my career advancement 

These competencies and knowledge will play a great role in supporting my career progression in future. I would be able to apply the knowledge to improve my areas of weakness and enhance my competency in accounting to ensure that I deliver quality service to clients. Through research, I will be able to find vital information that would help advance my career. For instance, the competency will enable me to adopt an effective strategy to pick audit team who would drive the success of the company and how to apply AICPA regulations to choose people that will be objective and fair. All these will support my career advancement in the financial management.

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