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Role of a Correctional Administrator at a Prison and Jail

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Prison and jail correctional administrators are the top administrators of correctional facilities. The administrators are the stewards of the facility and are responsible for providing supervision, leadership and all the operations that take place there. They oversee all the personnel and programs to ensure that the facility functions safely and efficiently. Despite their difference, the word prison and jail are used interchangeably. The fundamental difference between prisons and jail is the length of stay; the length of stay in prison is long whereas it is short in jail. There are numerous similarities and differences between the roles of prison correctional administrators and jail correctional administrators. This paper will discuss a few. 

One of the similarities between the roles of prison correctional administrators and jail correctional administrators is that they are both responsible for enforcing rules and regulations in the prison or jail. They ensure that order is maintained in jail or prison by preventing disturbances, assaults, settling disputes. Secondly, they both aid in the rehabilitation and counseling of offenders (Correctional Officer, N.d). Given that most prisons and jails are understaffed, correctional administrators are often utilized in the rehabilitation as well as counseling of offenders by scheduling work assignments, counseling, and educational opportunities. Additionally, they both keep meticulous records and logs detailing what occurred during their shift, including notable or suspicious incidents. 

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The fundamental difference between the roles of prison correctional administrators and jail corrections administrator is that correctional administrators in prisons typically work among inmates who are convicted fellow whereas those working in jail are more likely to work among a wide variety of inmates due to their short stays and less serious infractions (Brooks, 2019). Secondly, the roles of jail correctional administrators are more complex compared to those of prison correctional administrators given that they deal with a wide variety of inmates coming and staying for short-terms. 


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