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Saie Competitive Exams - The Best Way to Prepare for Your Exam

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Women compared to men are more concerned about their appearance and they have contributed to the growth of the cosmetic industry. The industry generates billions of dollars in revenue per year. Saie is a novel cosmetic company that competes in the manufacturing and selling of cosmetic products. There are no many constraints in the business, however, competition is intense in selling cosmetics.

Customers' shopping strategy is concerned with the affordability of a product. Saie offers competitive prices on the market on its products compared to other luxurious brands such as L’Oreal and Dior. Competitive pricing is sure to reduce the revenue generated. Consequently, lowering Saie’s profit margin. The company provides affordable price points as compared to competition and by August,2020 the company exceeded its sales projections by over 200 per cent attributed to additional investment of seed capital and the growing popularity of the clean beauty products (Valenti, 2021) . According to (Snepiene & Jonuseviciene, 2019) the entry of new corporations into the market with an effective marketing strategy can increase expenses through advertisement and other non-price competition such as a discount on selected products to increase its popularity and customer base.

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Where there are many sellers the buy has the power to select the best product according to their needs. The most common factor that motivates a consumer in the selection of a product is the price and quality of satisfaction derived from the product (Snepiene & Jonuseviciene, 2019) . Many corporations are keen to obtain feedback from consumers to use it as a marketing tool. The suppliers can potentially increase the prices of products by increasing the factors of production of a product or service. Thus, Saie can minimize the cost of production through the control of inputs.

There are skin and hair care routines that advocate for the use of naturally occurring products. The products are mostly from fruits, trees, and vegetables that act as affordable substitutes. Cosmetics are known to contain chemicals that can be harmful to consumers’ bodies. Saie’s products are regarded as the cleanest beauty products in the market, it fills the void for customers who are health conscious (Aulicino, 2021) . The company continues to come up with new formulations on the basis of sustainability, transparency and clean formulations. Therefore, it has created its own niche in the beauty products that has not been served by the competition. Saie brand won the Allure best clean product award and the best green product award by Elle in 2020 underscoring its commitment to production of clean products.



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