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The analysis of stories by Lispector, Allende, Danticat and Cortázar

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The Hen 

The short story of the hen by Clarice Lispector carries persecution, feminism, and self- liberation efforts. Lispector uses the hen to signify how women are only celebrated for achievements until they lose their meaning. By the chicken escape, she births the idea of liberation that she might not have had herself. Lispector suffered persecution in her early life, seeing women get raped and thrown away, and that shows why she may have written the story. 

The Smallest Woman in the World 

This story speaks on the discovery of a short pregnant pigmy woman that is dubbed, "the little flower" discovered by Marcel, an explorer. Lispector subtly shows colonial violence through imagery. She explains the oppression that may come about should the pygmy be owned by any of the people reading the Sunday newspaper. 

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The story of Walimai by Isabel Allende speaks of an understandable account that peels back to reveal a lot of layers. It focuses on the way the past affects the future and present. Walimai talks about how the wisdom of his ancestors is passed down from generation to generation. He also talks about how that wisdom defines the man; he uses this same knowledge to speak to his children. This wisdom, in some way, is limiting and does not permit them to join the colonialists who are insatiable and always want more. This pattern shows that Walimai and his people are conditioned to repress any new knowledge that is not ancient, and their go-to becomes fighting or retreating. Human beings generally fight change and don't understand that their present state reflects their past. 


The story of The Book of the Dead shows how some experiences cannot be forgotten. Papa's scars have refused to go away. They are a constant reminder of his lies and his past. Like the early Egyptians, he is aware that he might suffer for his sins and does not deserve a sculpture. Throughout the story, Danticat shows how unjust acts may want to be forgotten by society but cannot be overlooked for they have left behind scars. While society wants to forget, the afflicted does not allow it and wishes to receive compensation. In a way, the demons that haunt Papa do not allow him to forget, and because he cannot undo his deeds, he suffers immensely for it. He is even unable to go back to his hometown because of this great shame. 

Gabriel Garcia Márquez 

Avery Gordon claims that the recognition of haunting is a means of knowing what has happened or is currently happening. In this way, The Old Man with Enormous Wings focuses on a presence, probably present by spectral history. The inability of the present people to understand the man and want to get rid of him is current. The curiosity of men causes them to want to explore the man; and authority (the priest), feeling threatened by lack of understanding disproves his authenticity almost immediately. The couple that finds the man, after expending his use, also wants to get rid of him. Presently, shocking things like detainment of children immigrants is shocking but not unfathomable. Gabriel captures the clarity of time and suffering of new beings and things quite clearly. 


Night face Up is a story that recognizes the lucid dreams of a protagonist. At some point, it becomes almost impossible to determine what the dream is and what the reality is. Espectros shows that realities can intertwine, with the past and present mixing in a dangerous cocktail. Some refer to this haunting as "ghosts." The "ghost" appears intermittently through different triggers like smells. What remains the same is that situations are different. However, they present the same logistics and strains that he has to weather through. This force might be death, always teasing him while he is in and out of different states and realms. Entering in and out of different realms for the protagonist or us might be a futile attempt at escaping. However, this does not help, and death finds us in whatever realm, looming over us like a ghost. 

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