28 Sep 2022


The Best ERP Software for ABC Business

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Below are various benefits of using ERP software for ABC business needs. 

Total Visibility 

ERP will allow total access to all essential processes in the business by guaranteeing easier accessibility of data from all departments for workers and seniors managers alike ( Shang & Seddon, 2000). Having all of the company’s information accessible in a centralized place gives room for increased correlation and more rationalized completion of activities. 

Improved Reporting 

Implementing a single ERP group across units will mean ABC organization has a sole, unified reporting framework for all processes ( Shang & Seddon, 2000). Fundamentally, this software will offer ABC the capability to analyze and equate functions across units without the stress of numerous spreadsheets as well as emails. 

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Complete Customization 

One of the biggest benefits of ERP software remains its modular maquillage. Many ERP vendors provide many platforms, and every one comes with various applications that can be executed according to organizational needs. Essentially, each application is tailored with the capability to stand alone or merge with the set, so ABC Company can select and choose the aspects that operate best ( Shang & Seddon, 2000). This guarantees that ABC will be able to design an interface custom-made to its organizational needs. Many ERP executions are formulated with the capability to seamlessly assimilate into the full set or to be utilized as a sole module. 

Customer Service 

Customers also receive benefits from the using of an ERP framework. Because client data is centralized and rationalized, ABC’s sales team will focus on structuring and upholding customer relations, both domestically and internationally ( Shang & Seddon, 2000). 

Data Security 

One of the biggest benefits of an ERP framework is data security. Primarily, both on-premise and cloud-founded ERP will provide ABC a higher level of security ( Shang & Seddon, 2000). Apparently, the database framework the ERP runs off of additionally enables integrated backup of all acute and sensitive information. 


Shang, S., & Seddon, P. B. (2000). A comprehensive framework for classifying the benefits of ERP systems.    AMCIS 2000 proceedings , 39. 

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