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The Crime Victims with Disabilities Awareness Act

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The Crime Victims with Disabilities Awareness Act offers direction to the Attorney General for the conduction of a study that increases the information and know-how about the crimes that act against the individuals. Under that bracket of individuals, there are those that have disabilities in the development that is much essential in the development of new strategies for the reduction of incidence of the particular crimes (GovTrack.us, 2018). Also, the attorney is directed to consider the contraction with the individuals involved in such implementation of the laws, present results of the study to the congressional committee that is specified, and survey the specified characteristics of those affected by the crimes. 

The Act is a federal law by the United States for the designation of awareness for the increment of awareness to the public of the plight of the affected ones with the developmental disabilities. Through the Act, there is the development of measurements and remedies to address the needs that are safe and justified of those affected by the crime with the disabilities ( Petersilia, 2001). The nature of crimes extent against the people with the developmental disabilities is focused. Some risks are encompassed by the individuals' victimization with the disabilities, and with the study, they are recognized ( Fitzsimons, 2016) . The study also focuses on the way the response of the justice system is facilitated as per the crimes that are formed against the people with the disabilities of development. With that, it is recognized the means by which the constituents of the nation may form the establishment and maintenance of a database centralized through the computers on the cases of crimes against such individuals. 

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Petersilia, J. R. (2001). Crime victims with developmental disabilities: A review essay.  Criminal Justice and Behavior 28 (6), 655-694. 

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