23 Aug 2022


The National Labor Relations Act

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Discussion 1 

The National Labor Relations Act is a very important act of employees in an organization. It gives them the freedom to join unions and groups without fear of the management. The National Labor Relation Board formulated the Act with the intention to protect employees from being enslaved by employers and discourage them from entering into inappropriate contracts. The most important provision in National Labor Relations Act is provision seven which protects the rights of employees ( Levi et al., 2016 ). The protection extends to include their ability to join some unions and enter into contracts willingly without being forced. Additionally, the provision protects employees taking part in the presentation of grievances, protest, and those who demonstrate because of disagreement on certain issues in the organization. The provision is very important, as it allows the employees to have the right to organize and join or even assist in bargaining collectively through their representatives. 

Discussion 2 

The selection process for determining members of the National Labor Relation Board is too politicized. NLRB was established with the aim of regulating the activities and powers of employers against discrimination ( Garcia, 2016 ). However, the selection process is manipulated with stakeholders with various businesses with the aim of selecting members whom they will easily influence to make decisions that favor them. In such circumstances, it is difficult for employees to fight for their rights through the labor unions because of the infiltration of the employers using the members selected to restrict the labor unions. The selection process leads to instability in the interpretation of LMRA. The responsibility of LMRA is to regulate the powers and activities of labor unions. Since the selection process is politicized and compromised, it will positive for the employers and negative for the employees. Nonetheless, the employees benefit from the labor unions as they present their grievances through the union ( Green, 2016 ). Due to the compromised selection of members, the board will lean on the side of the employers and LMRA will be interpreted to suit their interest. 

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Garcia, R. A. (2016). Modern Accountability for a Modern Workplace: Reevaluating the National Labor Relations Board's Joint Employer Standard. Geo. Wash. L. Rev. , 84 , 741. 

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