13 Jan 2023


The Rich Should Pay More Taxes

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The issue of taxation is one of the most controversial in the society today as different people in the society air their views on the same. Notably, the richest one percent of the people in the USA control the largest part of the county's economy ( Fuentes-Nieva & Galasso, 2014) . Similarly, a large percentage of the income gained in the last decade went to the rich people while the income of the rest of the society has not improved. For this reason, the rich members of the society should pay more taxes than the rest of the people in the society. 

The rich are the ones who benefit the most from the government-funded research, the property laws, the infrastructure and the security. Defending the country has more benefit to the rich than to the poor as they have more to defend. For this reason, they should pay more taxes than the poor members of the society. Consequently, it is evident that taxes take more than 21% of the income belonging to the poorer members of the society ( Page, Bartels, & Seawright, 2013) . However, only 7% of the income belonging to the rich goes to taxes. This shows the great discrepancy in the distribution of taxes where poor members of the society carry a bigger burden. 

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In the cases of tough economic times, there is always the need for the government to look for ways to bring in more money. Therefore, increasing taxes on the wealthy makes sense. The reason is that they are less affected by an increase in taxes ( Franko, Tolbert, & Witko, 2013) . There is need to reduce the wealth discrepancy in the USA, and this can only be done by reducing the tax burden that is placed on the middle class and transferring the same to the rich people in the society. 


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