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Transferring Assessment Scores to Homeland Security Form

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The Homeland Security Form a more accessible platform to analyze the conditions of the business through the Baldrige assessment scoring system. This system evaluates the organizations under the process and result dimensions(Fisher, 2004). The Baldrige assessment scoring system provides the guidelines to ensure that the company does not under or overstate its Homeland Security Scoring Profiles (Crowther, Haimes, & Johnson, 2010). By use of the process and result evaluation dimensions and the help of the Homeland Advisory System, it will be easier to generate the scoring profiles that the companies use to improve its quality standards.

The Baldrige Categories 1-6 (A-D-L-I) evaluates the processes the company uses to address or improve the items and is estimated using the four factors. The approach is the first factor and comprises on the approach which is the method used to accomplish the process. The second is deployment and consists of employing the strategy evaluated before evaluating the cycles of the means and ability to improve the learning factor(Fisher, 2004). The fourth element is the measurements, data, and system improvements across the entire process. This integration factor ensures the process improves and can support the company’s objectives.

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The evaluation of the results dimension tries to analyze the outcome of the process employed hence the use of Baldrige Category 7 (Le-T-C-Li-G). The process is essential as it enables the measurements of performance levels, trends, comparisons, linkage, and gap. The category ensures that it is possible to gauge the performance efficiency, determine the relationship or linkage of the output to the consumer product by reducing the gaps or missing segment of information. The process enables the measurements of the strategies to the output quality.

The process and results dimensions is vital to provide the standards of the organization in the consumer requirements, strategizing, competitive environment, and the action plan. Although these evaluations are necessary, they are useless if the company does not provide a percentage score to determine the value of the improvements required. Using the zero-based preparations to world-class preparations enables the firm to identify areas that need most improvements (Leson, 2005). The qualifications range from 0% to 100%. The percentage demonstrate the company’s approach deficiencies and maturity respectively. The color differentiations green, blue, yellow, orange, and red represent the lowest to the highest percentage and helps demonstrate firms within 0-5%, 10-25%, 30-45%, 70-85%, and 90-100% respectively (Fisher, 2004). The information helps the company determine the dire need to improve its process and results in dimensions by prioritizing in essential issues such as change the strategies, reduce gaps, or perfect the output through the strategy. The 19 Baldrige items are challenging, but following the above analysis, it is easier to use the Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS) Risk of Attack Levels Scoring Profile.

The previous section demonstrates the ability for the company to become world-class which results in the company’s increment of being a terrorist target. The more significant and better the company is the more likely it will be attacked thus the percentage previously used depict the risks with the green color to red describing lowest risk, guarded, elevated conditions, high conditions, and severe conditions respectively. The company in the severe state may be an international corporation that will require having short-term security measures to reduce the chances of terrorist attacks as it has installed all the other security measures and it is at the peak of its security. The leadership, administrative contingencies procedure, and restricting threatened facility access in the high conditions are improved in the severe state (Ellig, McLaughlin, &Morrall III, 2012). It is not easy to transfer the score from worksheets to a summary of Assessment items for a Homeland Security Form, but by following the above illustration, it would be manageable.


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