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Types of system controls that may be implemented effective at maintaining system security

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Question 3: Are the types of system controls that may be implemented effective at maintaining system security? Justify your answer. 

The types of system controls that may be implemented are effective at maintaining security. This is true because of the many information systems that organizations can use. For instance, an Accounting Information System (AIS) is used to record, process, summarize, and provide reports on business transactions to offer critical financial information that assists in facilitating decision making. Thus, the Accounting Decision Making (AIS) is a security measure, which is designed to ensure appropriate levels of internal controls. Also, security measures are meant to protect sensitive data for transactions ( Richardson, Chang, & Smith, 2014). Besides, the AIS is a security measure that is used to collect, process, and report information that are considered vital for decision making. The other fundamental control system is the Certified Information Auditor (CISA) that identifies professionals processing IT audit, control, and offer security skills. 

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In general terms, CISA performs IT audits to evaluate the accounting information system's internal control design and effectiveness. As a security measure, CISA is issued to individuals who are on charge of ensuring that an organization's information technology, as well as business systems, are adequately monitored, managed and protected. Besides, the certification is presented to professionals after successful completion of a comprehensive testing and application process ( Richardson, Chang, & Smith, 2014) . The certification is globally recognized as a standard for appraising information technology auditor's knowledge, as well as expertise in assessing vulnerabilities in instituting information technology controls in an enterprise environment. Also, CISA is designed for information technology auditors, managers, consultants, and security experts. Therefore, as system control, it is beneficial since it is accepted by employers globally and is often desired for information technology audit and to offer security information management positions. 


Richardson, V. J., Chang, C. J., & Smith, R. (2014). Accounting Information Systems . New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. 

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