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Voting and Election in Texas

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Campaign to Win Texas District 134 Election 

The 2016 election in Texas District 134 is going to be highly competitive, particularly between Democrats and Republicans. Even though Sarah Davis has the high chances of winning the election, she is likely to be challenged by her worthy competitor Ben Rose from Democratic Party. In order to win the election in the district, a candidate must have in depth understanding of the local voters, possess adequate campaign resources, and address key issues affecting the local people ( Aaronson, 2011) . 

Demographic of Voters in the Texas District 134 

District 134 is one of the populous and most diverse districts in Texas as a whole. It is estimated that the population of the district is about 174, 421. Out of the total population, 68.8% are whites, 19.1% black/Hispanic, 14.1% Hispanic, 5.2 blacks, and 12% comprise of other races. Hence, whites will significantly determine the candidate who will win the election. However, the number of non-whites is significant and influential. The number of voters in the district is 130,488 and the average voters’ turnout is averagely 70%. The voters’ turnout for the non-whites, especially Latinos is always low. For instance, in 2012, only 26% of Latinos voted in the district. Davis should encourage non-whites to vote for her. The people in the district are particularly motivated by leaders who promote equality and are sensitive to pressing needs of the common citizens ( Aaronson, 2011) . 

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Davis’ Background and Experience 

Davis is a highly educated lady with bachelor’s degrees in Economic and Law from Baylor University and the University of Houston respectively. She was first elected to the Texas House of Representative in 2010 and re-elected in 2012. She has served various committees such as Health, Calendar, and Appropriation. Therefore, based on her experience in leadership and political issues, Davis stands a better chance of capturing the seat ( Ramsey, 2011) . 

Key Issues to be Addressed during the Campaign 

The top campaign agenda should be on public education. The majority of people living in the district believe that the state is spending a little money on public education, which has led to poor education system ( Ramsey, 2011) . A significant number of young people in the district do not complete high school. The high cost of health care among the poor is also another issue. The Medicaid does not cover the poor and uninsured adults. The majority of people who are not benefiting from Medicaid are Hispanic. Therefore, the affordable health care services should be used to attract the non-whites. In addition, good leadership and fighting corruption are other campaign issues that should be used to lure voters. 

Financial Resources 

Elections have proved to be highly competitive and only candidates with enough financial resources have a better chance of winning the election. Averagely, candidates for the position spend about $22 per voter ( Aaronson, 2011) . Therefore, in order to win the election, Davis should have at least $350,000. Being that Davis is an incumbent, it will be easy to raise money through fundraising. The money will mainly come from large and small donors, including friends and supporters. 

About 80% of the money will be spent on logistics such as transportation, buying campaign materials, and organizing for campaign rallies. Davis needs to crisscross the district to ensure that she attracts as many voters as possible. The remaining money will be used to market the candidate in various media. Marketing will mainly be done through social media, posters, and billboards that will be erected in strategic areas. 

Therefore, by using the right campaign strategy, Davis is likely to emerge the winner after the election. She has the required development record to prove to voters that she can deliver. At the same time, Davis can access money to finance her campaign activities. However, she must reach almost all voters and give them hope that their pressing needs will be addressed. 


Aaronson, B. (2016). How Much Texas Politicians Spent per Vote in 2016 Primaries . Retrieved from https://www.texastribune.org/2016/03/03/how-much-texas-politicians-spent-per- vote-in-2016/ 

Ramsey, R. (2011). Inside Intelligence: The Big Issue Facing Texas Is . Retrieved from https://www.texastribune.org/2011/11/07/inside-intelligence-big-issue/ 

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