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5 Job Opening Activities for Recruiters

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The following information was retrieved from New York City Health and Hospital Corporation’s website. The site posts different job vacancies for various hospitals around New York City. The job openings include those of permanent staff members such as nurses, instructional designers, and physician assistants. The website also lists opening for temporary workers’ positions (NYC Health & Hospitals, 2016). 

Sufficient job description for each position is given on the careers webpage. The job descriptions are detailed in a bold black font with a clear format. The format includes the job title, department, location, job id, full/ part time, regular/ temporal, regular shifts, hire in rates, salary range, pay frequency, the post-date source of funding, and civil service clarification. The description also contains the marketing statements of the respective hiring organization (NYC Health & Hospitals, 2016). 

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The minimum expected qualifications are provided in a chronological manner according to the vacant position’s requirements. Departmental preferences such as the shifts and the time duration are indicated. Details on how to apply are also provided. Alongside the application details are the organization’s online application link. A candidate can apply online by clicking the ‘Apply’ button that appears at the end of every job description (NYC Health & Hospitals, 2016). 

The jobs posted on the website can be filtered into five main categories: location, categories, full or part-time status, regular or temporary positions, and the date and time that the job was posted. The categories help the web users to locate the jobs depending on their areas of interest. The job search page has a search box where a visitor can key in the details of the job they are searching. Once the details are entered, a list matching the details is displayed. The website meets the criteria for essential functions (NYC Health & Hospitals, 2016). 

According to the website, jobs that are closely related their salaries are listed depending on three factors: the department, the source of funding and number of shifts. For example, nurses that work in the emergency department are paid more compared to those working on the regular wards. The sources of funding also determine how much the worker takes home. The workers who are funded by the general care are paid less compared to those paid by grants. The general care funded workers’ salaries do not increase as much as that of the grant-funded workers. The last factor considered is the number of shifts a person works in a day. The more the shifts a person works, the higher the pay (NYC Health & Hospitals, 2016; Stevenson, 2008). 

The level of work is a major factor considered in the listing of jobs. Workers in level I are paid highly compared to workers that have qualifications suitable for level II. It is because members of level I have acquired more experience compared to members in level II and so on. The second factor reflected is the civil service classification. Managerial positions are paid higher compared to non-competitive positions. It is meant to increase the efficiency among the workers who are in search of managerial positions (NYC Health & Hospitals, 2016). 

Another factor considered is the nature of the job. Regular workers are paid highly compared to temporary workers. It is because regular workers spend most of their time in the workplace. The other factor is whether the worker is a full time or part time employee. A full-time employee is paid more compared to the part time worker. The workers are also paid according to their responsibilities. The more the responsibilities at hand, the more the worker is paid (Stevenson, 2008). 


NYC Health & Hospitals. (2016). Careers. Retrieved from https://employment.nychhc.org/careers.html 

Stevenson, B. (2008). The Internet and job search (No. w13886). Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research. 

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