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Acting responsibly with strength and courage

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Life is a mystery wrapped in uncertainties. The business world is no different. Companies with large market shares today started from somewhere back in time. The story was build from an idea that was implemented gradually. There are many risks to be taken, and rewards come by, and sometimes one cannot escape losses. That notwithstanding, a business must go on as usual but with great preparations and implementation strategies every step of the way. Sales are the lifeline of any business and having a marketing strategy and management in place is the secret to success. There is need to perfect everything from the business perspective hanging on the faith that the product and services will find favor among people.

Sales, or rather the whole art of approaching and pitching to prospects is a daunting task. One ought to be not only smart enough to catch attention and deliver a message effectively, but also one needs to be courageous enough to face people. According to Joshua 1:9, the Bible says, "Have I not command you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." It is encouraging to know we can arise and face life's challenges with the assurance of the Lord on our side.

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Marketing today is tailored to assist buyers to buy products unlike in the past where marketing was all about helping sellers to push their products in the market. There is a new concept of Consumer-Centric Marketing where the central goal is customer experience, customers trends and the best ways to create relationships with them. There is need to be courageous to meet clients at their needs as in issues to do with customer relations, innovation strategies to meet their current trends, social media utilization as everyone is online and other forms of online advertising. The customers many times prove challenging and non-compliant and wisdom on how to e relational and professional matters. (Cundari, 2015). 

People are important as they translate to sales. Having an interest in them means being strong enough to face and also preparing adequately to ensure you communicate with them in a way they will understand. Most of them want companies that are professional, friendly and entertaining in a way. The marketing audience has also shifted, and the online space has an audience big enough to change the story of a company advertising there. Understanding the time and reaching people where they are is the task at hand. Defying all odds and doing business wherever there are people. According to Todi (2008), the ground has shifted as traffic is experienced online. Social media users are actively present online and it is the company willing to engage them on those platforms that carry the day. Skills on how to engage people socially and entertainingly go a long way to help to engage the audience in a successful way that would deliver results.

In conclusion, approaching people with products and services bring higher chances of sales. Marketing management needs more than great strategies and plans. Implementation is critical. The end goal is to meet prospects and create awareness of products and services. People, therefore, should not be feared but faced with courage and strength. The rewards will follow after that.


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