9 Sep 2022


Ageism: Discrimination Against Older Persons

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Ageism is perpetuated in our society in several ways that include attributing forgetting to old age, spending several marketing dollars on people younger than fifty years, and having disrespectful statements like “old people are slow.” Further, having benevolent ageism where benefits and protections schemes are designed to cater for the old because of identity need (Dionigi, 2015). Again, the labor market perpetuates ageism by engaging in age discrimination when they hire or promote younger people and not the older employees. 


The underlying factors that account for discrimination against older persons include their reduced productivity, and public perceptions created by the messaging in the mass media, especially in their programming. Again, attitudes and stereotypes towards old age are an underlying factor that makes people to discriminate against ageism (Dionigi, 2015). Most people want to stay young and the mention of the world old does not sit well with them. Again, some negative attitude by the old people towards younger people encourages discrimination. 

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Many of the old people that have experienced discrimination state that the experience affects them for the rest of their lives. Some feel that their age has rendered them redundant since employers are not keen on hiring them. Close to seventy-one percent say that ageism has affected their mental health while about a third say that it has impacted their marriage (Dionigi, 2015). 


As society, we need to care about the wellbeing of the old people because everyone will age and become old. The contribution by the senior members of society is important while our constitution prohibits discrimination through several laws. 


Yes, one of the examples like marketing campaigns that leave the old people out is a form of oppression because these people are not considered as consumers of some of the advertized products and services. 


Dionigi, R.A. (2015). “Stereotypes of Aging: Their Effects on the Health of Older Adults.” 

Journal of Geriatrics vol.2015, Article ID 954027, 9 pages 

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2015/954027 

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