2 Nov 2022


America in the 1960s: A Decade of Turmoil

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a renowned American civil rights activist. On 28/08/1963, he delivered a public speech; “I have a dream.” During the speech, he called for the enactment of economic and civil rights. On top of that, he also called for an end to the widespread racism in the US. This paper is going to address the reasons why the picture of Martin Luther King Jr.- when delivering the speech- was so iconic in the 60s. 

The speech was delivered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The monument was in honor of former US president Abraham Lincoln. It is worth noting that Abraham Lincoln had issued the emancipation proclamation, which led to a high number of slaves in the southern states being freed. On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech calling for the enactment of freedom and civil rights. Therefore, it is evident that the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Abraham Lincoln Monument was enough reminders that even though 100 years ago- the time when Abraham Lincoln had the slaves freed- had passed, there were still many unchanged things in the US, more so in matters that involved civil rights and freedom. 

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After the speech on “I have a dream,” the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. giving the speech spread to so many parts of the world. This made him more popular than before. As a result, every time a person saw the picture, the first thing they would think was about the speech he had delivered and what it meant. This made it possible to have the message on civil rights spread faster. As a result, Congress was forced to pass the Civil Rights Act, and that was done less than a year after the speech was delivered. Generally, the picture of Martin Luther King Junior was very iconic in the 60s and led to various changes in individual people’s lives and the state at large. 

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