23 Jan 2023


The Yalta Conference: What Happened and Why It Matters

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Churchill and Roosevelt got into a gentle disagreement during the Yalta conference in opposition to Soviet plans to maintain Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia (Baltic states), and a vast eastern Poland section reinstating the western borders of Russia before World War I. Later in 1945, Stalin accepted to join the war to counter Japan, to incorporate non-communists in the Poland government that supported the Soviets, and permit unrestricted and free polls. However, he wanted to institute communism in eastern Europe. The event did not yield any fruits because the participants did not agree on what would happen to Eastern Europe. 

There prevailed tension between the United States and Britain. Churchill dismissed the American push to assist India as well as other Britain colonies to gain independence. He culminated confidential deals with Stalin to separate eastern and southern Europe into Soviet and British spheres of impact ( Give Me Liberty , n.d). Unsuccessfully, Britain opposed the attempts by America to restructure and control the economic order of postwar. A gathering of officials at Bretton woods comprising forty-five countries chooses the dollar over the British pound as the major international transaction currency. The convention also established the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (American- monetary institutions). The World Bank offered financial support to developing nations and remade Europe while International Monetary Fund prevented administrations from disparaging their legal tender to attain benefits in global trade. 

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Even though it took several years to materialize the details of the convention, Bretton Woods established the foundation for the postwar industrialist economic structure. The structure majored on an untied global investment and goods movement and a consideration of the United States as the global financial honcho. Committed to circumvent Great Depression repetition, American figureheads trusted that the abolition of hurdles to unrestricted trade (domestic policy) would boost the development of the global economy, a priority that remained key to the foreign policy of America until the administration of Donald Trump. 


Give Me Liberty!  (6th ed.). (n.d.). https://ncia.wwnorton.com/88788/r/goto/cfi/130!/4 

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