14 Jun 2022


An Evaluation Criteria for Intervention on Nurse Burnout

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Burnout, most of the time, is inevitable as it arises from various factors such as physical exhaustion, and emotional detachment, which can be a result of overwhelmed and dissatisfied employees or even bullied. Burnouts, resulting from long hours and rotating shifts to take care of patients, is a common challenge experienced by most nurses, regardless of whether they work in intensive care units or ambulatory settings. To ensure that nurses take care of themselves and avoid burnout, many hospitals offer nurses with various resources ranging from workout clubs support group, to electronic coaching.

Since the lack of collaboration and task coordination is a major contributing factor to nurses' burnout, the integration of a strategic approach for change proposal implementation should take place in all the levels of the organization. The primary objectives of the proposal are to eradicate burnout among nursing staff brought by exposure to a series of challenging shifts, which result in them experiencing cumulative effects that lead to a breakdown. Another next important aspect is to ensure higher levels of job satisfaction, to prevent nurses from losing morale and motivation to work. The outcomes anticipated from the implementation of the change proposal are enhancing patients' safety, increasing nurses' efficiency, and reduce turnover rates.

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Evaluation of the Implemented Intervention 

As a solution, the identified workplace adversities can be matched against the most viable awareness, managing exposure, and protection procedure to mitigate against nurse burnout. The change proposal has to be evaluated against various interventions implemented to curb burnout. The intervention strategy includes promoting teamwork, advocating for nurses' self-care routines, incorporating employee assistance programs, cultivate positivity in the work setting or even integration of technologies to cut down work. The evaluation scales will focus on both pre and post-change strategies to ensure the proposed intervention aligns with the desired outcome.


Jackson, J., Vandall-Walker, V., Vanderspank-Wright, B., Wishart, P., & Moore, S. L. (2018). Burnout and resilience in critical care nurses: A grounded theory of Managing Exposure.  Intensive and Critical Care Nursing 48 , 28-35. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.iccn.2018.07.002 

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