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Andrew Jackson: Life in Brief

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Station 1 

One of the common things involves the idea that horse riding was very popular during that time period. President Andrew Jackson rode on a horse when coming from the inauguration. Besides, he had come on foot which is an unusual occurrence for a man of his stature. Secondly, security appears to have been a significant matter of concern owing to the great commotion experienced during the inauguration to the extent of almost suffocating the President. 

The document was written to showcase the supremacy and splendor held by the common people initially after electing a new president. This can clearly be depicted from “But it was the People`s day, and the People`s President and the People would rule.” 

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By 1829 the nation had changed such that it was apparent that the President did not have to come from the rich or elite class of individuals. If Jefferson had been alive, he would be very proud since the election of Andrew Jackson was equivalent to the victory of the ordinary citizen. 

Station 2-Cartoon Analysis 

Step 1 

People Objects Activities 

-An Obese woman 

-A man holding the head of the seemingly obese woman 

-3 men standing in the middle section 

-2 individuals peeking via the window 

-coins being vomited 

-1 st Basin(containing vomited coins) 

-2 nd Basin(labeled Manhattan Bank) 

-3 rd Basin(labeled Bank of America) 

-2 broken medicine vials with the inscription veto 


-conversation among the gentlemen in the middle. 

Step 2 

This was a period when President Andrew Jackson order for the withdrawal of finances from the U.S. Bank and then having them distributed across twenty three other banks in order for it to be used to make payments. This was a period that called for desperate measures. Peeking through the window is the President with John Calhoun, Daniel Webster, and Henry Clay consulting one other regarding the sad issue. Also, the President`s order was met with resistance from Nicholas Biddle who was in charge of the bank. He made a requirement for all the loans owed to the bank to be repaid with immediate effect. Further still, a significant number of bank notes in circulation were recalled resulting in an economic crisis in the nation. 

Step 3 

Who are the three individuals standing in the middle consulting one another? 

Which satire has been utilized in the image? 

The satire represented in the image is the crisis that was about to happen, after President Jackson had offered a directive for federal reserves to be channeled to other banks. The huge woman vomiting represents the U.S bank. Also, the act of vomiting represents the channeling of funds as directed. 

Station 3 

The Indian Act generally requires that the Indians residing on the western side of Mississippi river to be removed. Also, an exchange of land is to be initiated with Indians found residing in any of the states. Moreover, the President of the U.S. is given the power to take up the land which has not been included in organized territory and then subdivide it into districts. The president is also to have precedence and be expected to extend the same superintendence on the community they remove, as can be observed in SEC.7. 

Notes from group 

-This is an act signed into law by President Jackson. 

-Unsettled lands were to be offered by the President in exchange for the Indian lands. 

- Not all the tribes agreed to move peacefully. Moving to new lands appeared unacceptable to some group of Indians. 

-Those who resisted were moved forcibly. This later came to be referred to as the trail of tears. 

Station 4 

Support for the Tariff of 1828 (Map) “ Despotism”-Endicott and Swett Lithograph, 1833 

-It would benefit the northern states 

-Tariff know as tariff of Abomination 

-Meant to safeguard interests of the nation 

-Set to benefit citizens since they would be paid more for their commodities owing to discouragement of imports. 

-Seen as a means of moving wealth from the South to the North. 

-Calhoun at the top of the image appears to be almost close to attaining his nullification agenda. 

-Terms used such as nullification, deception, and civil war show what is likely to occur if the tariff is approved. 

The information would be useful to Jackson`s opponents by showing them why they were supposed to vehemently oppose the tariff. It was set to reap disunity between the north and south. Restriction of imports would not yield any significant benefits as had been indicated. 

Final assessment 

Regular citizens unlike politicians have acted as guardians of the United States Constitution, political democracy, individual liberty, and equality of economic opportunity from the early to mid-1800s. 

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