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Animal Rights: Everything You Need to Know

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In essence, interest refers to that which is beneficial to someone or animals which leads them to seek out the best environment for their survival. Human activities affect an animal’s ecosystem either positively or negatively, hence making animal species vulnerable ( Rachels, 2017) . These interests entail relief from pain, free movement, an interest in food and shelter, and interest in living. 

The interest of animals is simple and specific when expressed. While many individuals concur with the fact that animals have rights, the question is whether people really care anyway regarding such rights. The fundamental proposition of equality is neither identical treatment but a rather equal consideration ( Rachels, 2017) . Animal rights are an acceptance that animals can live free of external interference and exploitation. They possess a capacity to feel pain to the same extent as humans and hence should be accorded the same consideration. 

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Non-human animals have an innate will to survive and, therefore, their rights to life should be protected by all means ( Rachels, 2017) . Non-human animals suffer greatly from climatic changes, tectonic movement of the earth, hunger and disease and hence the need to have policies in place for their conservation. Champions of animal rights believe that animals have a greater worth, whose value exceeds its use to human being. 

Human beings use animals for various purposes including; meat production, eggs, animal experimentation, and fur ( Warren, 2017) . It is true that many people might have different thoughts on this issue while justifying themselves how non-human animals were created for human beings ( Warren, 2017) . Regardless, the capacity to make intelligent choices should not qualify a right, as it stands infant babies have rights yet they are incoherent of such a right. 

Primarily, the only distinction between human beings and non-human beings is species. This should, however, not be used to divided those entitled to rights and those who do not ( Warren, 2017) . Non-human animal can feel pain, loneliness, motherly love, joy, and sadness. These emotions should ensure they are provided with the same consideration as to a child in the human species. 


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