4 Jul 2022


Animals Also Have Their Rights

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Nick Jonas is a local animal officer who fights for the rights of animals. According to Mr. Jonas, animals, just like human beings, also have their rights which demand respect. In an interview regarding the doctrine of animal rights, Mr. Jonas explained his view on this matter.

There are several arguments regarding whether non-human animals have rights, and what exactly they entail. Animals are beings too, they feel pain, and they feel love. Therefore, it is important to treat them with love and respect.

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Animal rights outline what is right and what is wrong to do to an animal on the basis of principle. All this is a certain moral guideline. Humans are not supposed to do anything that is morally wrong no matter how much failure to do that would cost humanity. Even if they do it in a humane way, humans are no allowed to do such things to animals. For instance, if it is morally wrong for animals to be killed or bred for food, then, no matter the situation, they should not be killed or bred for food.

According to Jonas, it is not right to give an animal perfect treatment throughout its life only to later kill it without any pain or fear. It is an inhumane act that can never be right. Jonas outlines the doctrine of animal rights, which means no breeding or killing an animal for medicine, food, or clothing. The animal rights doctrine is also against hunting, use of animals for experiments or entertainment, and any other act that diminishes the dignity of an animal.

Jonas concluded the interview with an awakening call to the people to value animals more, as they are also a part of human existence.

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