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Assessment International Management: The Top 5 Benefits of an Assessment

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There has been an emergence of new beliefs about quality, quality is everyone's job, not just a special department and training in quality. 

    Saves money. 
    Is very costly. 
    Is unnecessary for any employees. 
    Is too special for most employees to be trained. 
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The term for doing the right thing according to the societal norm is called? 

  The Status Quo. 
    Political correctness. 
    Social Politics. 


In the Taguchi Method of solving a quality problem, the __________ session identifies factors that could be responsible: 

    Production meeting. 
    Performance experiment. 

5 points    


When thinking about Centralization or Decentralization, which one factor below encourages Decentralization? 

  High interdependence between the units. 
    Large capital investment. 
    Small geographic distance between home office and subsidiary. 
    More highly competent managers in the host country. 


A term for continuous improvement in an organization is? 

  Total Quality Management. 

5 points    


The process of influencing people to direct their efforts toward the achievement of some particular goal or goals, is called? 

    Socially responsible management. 


Different countries have different managerial beliefs about work different than the U.S. When thinking about Russian managerial beliefs about work with regard to Marxist related beliefs, free enterprise has been embraced by some, but not all because? 

  A person can learn better on the job in a traditional factory than by themselves doing something new. 
    The free enterprise system mainly benefits the rich and powerful. 
    Trend toward leisure is not a good thing. 
    The working class should have more say in how people manage organizations. 


Efficiency in operations results from arranging conditions of work in such a way that human elements interface to a minimum degree is considered what on the Managerial Grid? 

  High Concern for people and relationships; Low concern for production and task. 
    Low Concern for people and relationships; High concern for production and task
    High Concern for people and relationships; High concern for production and task. 
    Low Concern for people and relationships; Low concern for production and task. 


Transformational leaders that can get their followers to question old paradigms and to accept new views of the world and how things should be done now and for the future are known as? 

    Idealized influential leaders; 
    Inspirational motivational leaders; 
    Intellectually stimulating leaders
    Intellectually Influential leaders. 


When thinking about managers versus leaders, one common comparison is? 

  Managers understand the vision; leaders understand the mission and economics. 
    Managers deal with complexity; leaders deal with ambiguity. 
    Managers work 8-5; leaders work 7-6. 
    Managers do things consistently right; leaders get things all mixed up. 


Using GLOBE study results and other supporting data, determine what Japanese managers believe about their subordinates. How are these beliefs similar to those of the U.S. and European Managers? How are these beliefs different? 

GLOBE is a research program that focuses on cross-cultural leadership traits and enhances leaders' and managers' effectiveness. Based on GLOBE findings, there are several cultural beliefs and leadership styles exercised by different leaders. Japanese managers believe in their subordinates' ability for leadership and initiatives. Consequently, they tend to use a participatory leadership style, which encourages all employees to make critical decisions concerning the organization. Japanese leaders exhibit their confidence toward their subordinates, which pushes them to become team-oriented leaders. 

Japanese beliefs differ from the U.S. because United States managers believe in personal abilities and self-determination. In most cases, they are result-oriented. Therefore, U.S. managers commit themselves to establish strategies and regulations to increase subordinates' output, thus, improving the organization's performance. The U.S. leaders differ from the Japanese because they disregard teamwork and focus on individual success and excellence. European managers possess different beliefs based on different counties within the continent. However, in most cases, their cultural beliefs toward the subordinates exhibit similarity with the Japanese belief; they allow their surbodinates to contribute to specific matters concerning the organization. 

Your response should be at least 200 words in length. 


Which cultures would be more likely to focus on external controls? Which cultures would consider direct controls to be more important than indirect controls? Be specific and explain your answer. 

Culture contributes significantly in determining the course of action a business should engage in- either external or internal control. Based on traditional customs of the public interests, Japanese culture is most likely to practice external control. It is in their nature that they will analyze the environment and determine what the public requires. Subsequently, they would decide to manufacture and distribute goods and services that the public needs based on the external environment observation report. On the other hand, Western culture is more likely to operate through internal control based on their beliefs that they can dominate the external environment. As a result, they will focus on what they can do internally and distribute to the public. 

Additionally, cultures that focus on high-level consumer satisfaction prefer direct control over indirect control. Direct control helps establish quality relationships within the organization and with the customers, enhancing customer retention. This approach is mostly and effectively applicable to local companies. Due to the nature and culture of transnational organizations, indirect control is considered relevant and applicable. 

Your response should be at least 200 words in length. 

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