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Attached and free earlobes, Karyotyping

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Part I: 

In my survey of 20 individuals, 16 of them had attached earlobes while 4 of them had free earlobes. From this survey, it can be noted that the attached earlobes are more common than the free earlobes. We can, therefore, conclude that the orientation of the earlobes is an inheritable characteristic. Just like there are more right-handed people than left-handed people, there are more people with attached earlobes than those with free earlobes. We can also conclude that a person’s genetic composition has a direct influence on the nature of their earlobes. Therefore, based on the genetic composition, parents pass the earlobe traits to their offspring. 

The ratio of the number of individuals with free earlobes to the number of attached earlobes is 4: 16 which is equal to 1:4. 

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It is important that the individuals in the survey were unrelated to ensure that the results of the survey are not biased. 

Part II: 

Meiosis takes place by reducing the number of chromosomes approximately by half. The process is also used by the cell system to improve diversity. Karyotyping uses the same process to eliminate undesired traits and infections. The process is known as nondisjunction. The chromosomes which are mostly involved in this process are the homologous chromosomes. Karyotyping is useful in curing most infections. However, some genetic diseases such as the Down’s Syndrome cannot be removed through the is process due to the nature of the chromosomes involved (Yagi et al. 2014). The chromosomes in of people with Downs syndrome are longer than the normal chromosomes. 

Another abnormality that can be usually genetic oriented is aneuploidy. This is where there is an abnormal number of chromosomes in a person’s cells. The condition occurs during meiosis due to improper chromosome assortment. 


Sahoo, T., Dzidic, N., Strecker, M. N., Commander, S., Travis, M. K., Doherty, C., ... & Benito, C. W. (2017). Comprehensive genetic analysis of pregnancy loss by chromosomal microarrays: outcomes, benefits, and challenges.  Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey 72 (5), 268-270. 

Yagi, K., Siedlecka, E., Pawełkowicz, M., Wojcieszek, M., Przybecki, Z., Tagashira, N., ... & Pląder, W. (2014). Karyotype analysis and chromosomal distribution of repetitive DNA sequences of Cucumis metuliferus using fluorescence in situ hybridization.  Cytogenetic and genome research 144 (3), 237-242. 

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