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Can advertising save the world?

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Customer-need driven marketing strategy pertains to the strategies and plans made by an organization towards marketing themselves, taking into consideration their customers’ wants, expectations and needs. In a fast-paced society, with the rapid growth of technology, advertising is becoming less effective, such that only those companies that focus on the needs of their customers are likely to gain a competitive edge over other players in the industries within which they operate ( Homburg, Wieseke & Bornemann, 2009). Hence, by creating marketing strategies that is geared towards reaching the people who would gain most from their services and products. A customer-need driven marketing strategy makes use of such rudiments as recognizing your target market and responding to their needs by being able to come up with innovative ways to retain customers whilst gaining profits in the process ( Homburg, Müller & Klarmann, 2011). 

Innovative, relationship-driven advertising through empowerment and not interruptions is the approach used in the TedTalk video by Jeff Rosenbulm. This approach relates superbly to the customer-need driven marketing strategy, in that it illustrates how the right kind of branding is able to positively impact people’s lives. Moreover, empowerment leads to incredible financial results on the part of organizations, which can still gain profit and at the same time, help save the world. This approach enables marketers realize that sometimes the tools that are used for advertising can damage the things they love most, which is the health of their customers and their brand reputation. Now, a huge number of people have come to recognize that advertising is more about brands empowering their customers and thus have found creative ways for advertising that does not have the sacrifices and have massive upsides. Additionally, by being able to create content and tools that are so compelling, customers will go out of their way to participate and identify with the particular product or service and thus share it with others. 

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Advertising online can be improved through the use of websites such as EBay and Amazon, by which one is able to promote sales of their products and services. In that clients can review, comment on, and hold discussions on how the products and services provided impact them. Moreover, websites such as Amazon are able to empower people through technology and data so the ratings and reviews are built into the purchase process. Also, by providing collaborate features that give better reviews and ratings people are empowered to make smarter purchases. 

The development of user and/or community groups via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, is another way of improving on online advertising. This might be done through updating on their pages’ products and services news alongside any other relevant information. Using social sites such as the ones named above can promote the sale of products and services because one can follow the product trends and see reviews of previous users. Customers can also be able to give their opinion thus empowering them. 

Other websites like LinkedIn can also be used to develop business to business and professional communities in which the users can create virtual brochures and sale processes for their customers, and also might be able to directly communicate to potential clients and customers in just as well as track the performance of their products and services whilst dealing with any of the queries or issues brought forth by customers. Moreover, by making technology user-friendly through keeping this simple and streamlined such massive social platforms can be used to empower people by turning them into digitally enabled brand evangelists since they are empowered. 

In conclusion, if such advertising steps were taken by most in not all companies the strategy of empowerment can turn save the world. 


Homburg, C., Wieseke, J., & Bornemann, T. (2009). Implementing the marketing concept at the employee–customer interface: the role of customer need knowledge.    Journal of Marketing ,    73 (4), 64-81. 

Homburg, C., Müller, M., & Klarmann, M. (2011). When should the customer really be king? On the optimum level of salesperson customer orientation in sales encounters.    Journal of Marketing ,    75 (2), 55-74. 

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