13 Jul 2022


Can Reforms Improve American Society

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The American society has undergone several reforms in the past and many will still be put forward to the citizens. These reforms have the intent of transforming the lives of Americans but often there is no improvement in the lives of the people and the society in general. This paper seeks to demonstrate that reform movements do not necessarily improve American society using the examples of the Obamacare health care reform and the educational acquisition of young adult women. Some reform formulators focus on the short term changes while others on the long term. The balance between these extremes is almost always missed. In the case of the Obamacare, money for the reform will come from no other source but taxes. The employee and employer will have to contribute directly or indirectly. It is not everyone who qualifies because of its discriminatory nature in terms of individual financial levels. Those who can afford insurance have to obtain coverage, or pay a fee making it unnecessary. It has a complicated shopping arrangement causing consumers to over-buy or under-buy their coverage and means the more money one have the better health care they will receive. It also creates a scenario of compulsion both the insurers and the consumers. They insurer must insure and the consumer must pay monthly. Medicaid uses state and federal funds including CHIP. It also increases the overall healthcare cost of America compared with the developed nations. 

The young adult women reform promoted work over education because of the welfare incentives. The fact that the payments are connected to work and time limits caused young adult women to get jobs instead of staying or attending school. This negative effect of the reform is seen in the lives of these young women because of the lack of education and their employment benefits since most of them are in unskilled jobs. And because attention is not giving to the children that some of them have the children grow up in almost the same poor conditions that their parents. The American society is the place that will experience the negative effects of such a reform. Therefore, reform movements will not improve American society. 

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