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Care for the Lupus Community

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The history of lupus in America began in the classical period of 1230-1856 with small facial lesions occurring on the Native Americans which reminiscent a wolf bite (Tsokos, 2016) . During the colonization period, the much interaction between the Native Americans with British persons and Africans attributed to the further emergence of other diseases such as cancer and typhus that did not pre-exist. 

Today, cancer holds the greatest proportion of deaths that occur among many Americans in the country. The diagnosis of lupus is slowly eating up most African American and Latina women in the America. Today, African American and Latina women are three times more at risk due to risk factors of genetics and hormones with relations to the estrogen level present. The two factors cause the progressive degeneration of cells in the human body. According to the National Resource Center on lupus (NRCL), more than 15000 new cases of individuals diagnosed with lupus are recorded annually. Women between the ages 16 – 45 years possess a high susceptibility position on the Systemic lupus erythematosus manifestation. 

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The SLE is genetically caused as the illness itself leads to the immune system to mistake its body tissues as foreign invaders and automatically attacks them. Currently, statistics indicate few number of men affected by lupus, but the African American men pose a greater chance of getting lupus due to their work environment (Tsokos, 2016) . The national resource center on lupus depicts that the harsh working environment such as industries give much exposure to silica w hich is a potential factor for some black American men get ill from lupus. Socioeconomic factors such poverty and high living costs which force them not sign up for medical insurance continues to bring about the health disparity with a greater dominances on most African Americans. 

Care Initiatives 

The study of lupus over the years has had a significant domain on many scientists. The continuous growth in number has seen the government take various initiatives to facilitate proper treatment of the illness. The (NRCL) advocates for early diagnosis of the disease will immensely facilitate appropriate treatment of the individual. Medical analysists, on the other hand, upholding in-depth examination of illness occurrence which attacks many women during the child bearing stage. In Atlanta, the office of minority health established an educational program that aimed at improving the health status of people with lupus. The Lupus Initiative (TLI) significantly raised health status as it aimed at reaching for individuals in the rural and micropolitan areas in America with a small number of rheumatologists. (TLI) Seeks to develop other agencies which will increase facilities present. Through that evidence based model will be established with organizations or the agencies to deliver care to those in need 

Additionally, the development of a care plan by a health professionals is an essential intervention approach. It will enable proper and close monitoring of the affected patients with response and status to the medicine and therapy treatment offered. It will help accommodate a variability level in the Systemic lupus erythematosus manifestation (Cochran, 2016). The SLE is a good indicator for doctors on whether the patient is on a recovery scale or a worsening level. Also, creating a work a program with the lupus patients. It will be beneficial for the attending doctor or specialist to integrate his work program with the lupus patient care plan. It offers lots of support to the patient as they feel appreciated and accepted. The reliability approach provides a boost in the recovery process of the individual. 

Plans to promote Health and Wellness 

The Healthy people 2020 describes health quality is essential for optimal development and recovery of a patient. There are various ways of promoting safe, quality and evidence base care to the affected community in the environment. To ensure quality care is available various plans and strategies need to formulated as guiding principles. Some factors need to be addressed to promote health care which includes; 

The affordability – Over the years, the cost of lupus treatment has exponentially risen which leaves many to struggle in accessing optimal health care. Lowering the medical expenses through encouraging insurance covers attribute to health and wellness of a person. Incorporating of a new imaging technology into the patient's care will help capture accurate information of the affected person and enable him or secure a medical cover which reduces the stress burden. 

Validation of lupus quality indicators – The greatest challenge that the SLE faces is the signs used to ascertain its presence. Lupus shares some symptoms with diseases like Arthritis. The establishment of new indicators will aid bridge the gap of emerging changes. The counter-checking of signs that affect lupus disease will offer a broad scope of administering the right medication. It will further assist alienate diseases from each other. 

Accessibility – Many African Americans in rural areas are unable to get optimal treatment due to there are few medical staffs present (Kobau, 2010) . Long ques for examination hinder some from see king medical check and determining the disease early enough. Government interventions would mainly impact the lupus community in having better medical access, through deploying more health professionals in the rural areas. 

Development of a long-term treatment – The current status of lupus treatment involves some therapies which usually have adverse effects (Hughes, 2016) . Care provider’s needs to create a mechanism that reduces the damaging force in the human system which has a significant impact on the patient’s general health status. Administering good proper diet practices has over the years shown to have an excellent effect on an individual’s health. Real consumption of food and adequate drinking of water will often boost the immunity levels of the lupus patient. Like in the case of AIDS where people take the ARV’s, it time scientists developed a lupus drug which offers a long term sustenance. 

Creating awareness – In the country, a substantial number of person’s lupus yet are not aware. Research indicates every month, almost 1000 people are diagnosed with lupus. The lupus initiative seeks on educating people on what is lupus and why they need to take a medical examination. The use of books in schools and writers blogs in social media are some of the ways that can be used to pass information (Kobau, 2010) . Social media platforms such as the lighthouse for lupus and my lupus team have positively impacted in ensuring many youths get an opportunity to learn about the medical risk they face. Nevertheless, Local organizations and programs hold a beneficial resource level that significantly affects the health of lupus people. Currently, northern California has a well-established lupus foundation. The group seeks on creating awareness to the community as a whole and encourage the people living with the illness .   

The educational plan aims at improving the welfare needs of the lupus population. There is a desire to urgently combat the illness occurrence through enhancing awareness of the existence of the disease. People within the community need to be regularly checked in medical institutions which enable immediate diagnosis thus curbing the illness from worsening situations. It’s important for medical centers to undertake various strategic interventions that with lupus patients because it significantly improves their health. Further research studies should be conducted by different scientists in developing new immunology perspectives of the lupus disease. It’s high time the government takes lupus a serious illness just like other chronic diseases. Solving part of the problem that faces a community enhances economic growth of the country. 


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