18 Apr 2022


Characteristics of a good group facilitator

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The role of a group facilitator is simply guiding the members towards a smooth and successful achievement of the set activities and goals (Exforsys, 2010). The facilitator of a group has to ensure the group has all the required resources to accomplish its goals in a smooth process. Therefore, a good group facilitator must have some basic characteristics that can enable them successful facilitate the activities of the group. 


It is very difficult to be a facilitator of a group if one is not knowledgeable; particularly in the field of specification, the group is engaging. The facilitator has to have a vast knowledge in the subject of discussion in order to effectively guide the team through its proceedings. The facilitator also has to possess understanding about the organizational issues.

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A good facilitator must have effective facilitation skills. Such skills include the ability to communicate properly, manage and lead people and interpersonal skills. The group facilitator must also be skilled in resolving conflicts and creating peace between individuals. 

Positive attitude 

People desire to associate and engage with individuals who possess a positive attitude always and deal with others pleasantly. A good group facilitator has to be able to maintain a positive attitude even amidst difficulties in the team. The group facilitator should be the one to encourage colleagues during difficult moments. This demands a person with a highly positive attitude and confidence. 

Respectable and influential

A good group facilitator has to be a respectable person. For people to listen and follow the guidance of the facilitator, he or she must be a person of influence and respectable. The facilitator has to be a symbol of mentorship to the group members.

I have strengths in terms possessing a lot of knowledge necessary to facilitate a group because I have read and researched deep and wide. However, I have a weakness in terms of group facilitation skills. I have to be more skilled in order to be a perfect group facilitator.


Exforsys (2010). Characteristics of an excellent facilitator. Exforsys Inc. , Retrieved from http://www.exforsys.com/career-center/facilitator/characteristics-of-excellent-facilitator.html on 20/7/2016. 

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