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Community Health Bias

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Discrimination in healthcare is a common issue that has led to inequality distribution of healthcare services. it takes place in form of gender, religion, cultural background and others. Healthcare bias, stereotyping and implicit bias should be recognized and stopped immediately to ensure equal distribution of medical care. 

How a Nurse Can Recognize Bias, Stereotype and Implicit Bias 

It is not easy for nurses to come to terms with being biased towards their patients. They however, have to first admit of the shortcoming so that they can solve the situation. They can recognize by assimilating how they feel towards a defined population (Edgoose et al, 2019). What could be the general view about them? Do they have a particular contrary assumption about them? It could be an absolute myth they have heard before that makes nurses judge them in a certain way. One can be able to gauge from there how they treat the patient and seek help in regards to it. 

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How Nurses Can Address the Issue to Ensure Competent Healthcare 

Recognizing the bias in oneself is a positive step towards solving the concept. The nurse should open up and talk about it so that they can get help (Edgoose et al., 2019). Sharing the feeling with other medical personnel will open up a conversation and remove all the negative assumptions, and taboo stuck in mind. Fellow nurses will share personal experiences and advice on how they managed the situation. Such open talks make way to improved healthcare for all the patients. 

Strategies I can Employ to Reduce Bias to Deliver Competent Care 

Advocating for frequent education among the nurses for them to be reminded of their roles towards the patient’s overall healthcare (Edgoose et al., 2019). It is usual for human beings to forget now and then. Educating them will see that they remember their duties making their overall performance at par. I will champion for personal awareness. It helps in understanding oneself, averting cases of health care bias, therefore delivering the best care to the patients. 

A question to My Peers 

Have you ever experienced healthcare bias? Did the nurse realize and apologize for it? 


Edgoose, J. Y., Quiogue, M., & Sidhar, K. (2019). How to Identify, Understand, and Unlearn Implicit Bias in Patient Care. Family practice management, 26(4), 29-33. 

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