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Conflict and resolution in the play "Trifles" by Susan Glaspel

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 From the play, it is clear that Mrs. Peters is so much concerned about the legalities and she does everything to ensure that she gives an upper hand to the investigation. She is trying all she can to get the evidence on the murder of John. Mrs. Hale, on the other hand, is not hesitant; instead, she is just waiting for any step that takes place. She is not interested, and she keeps on hoping that the investigation can be concluded soon. From the play, we can hear Mrs. Hale complaining about the whole procedure of investigation, and Mrs. Peters answers her “the law is the law.” Mrs. Hale has not been around, and therefore she could not tell much regarding the situation at John’s house. She says “I wish that they could find all the evidence, I don’t like this place.” 

From the play, it is clear that the women are looking for evidence against Minnie, this is because of sympathy. Glaspell made the women different in this way as a symbol of feminism and the support women have for each other especially on marital problems that women go through. The women gathered enough evidence to show that Minnie murdered her husband because he was abusing her. Placing the women in the kitchen is also a symbol that kitchen is a woman’s place and therefore the investigators neglected that as one of the sheriff said “Nothing her but kitchen staff.” The two women knew that it was Minnie who committed the crime but chose to hide all the evidence since the sheriffs could not trace anything in the kitchen. 

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In conflict resolution of the play, the two women sympathize with Minnie, and they, therefore, would collaborate to help her. The two women also helped each other to answer the sheriffs who were busy searching for evidence, and this shows how the two were in solidarity for their friend Minnie whom they felt guilty for not having spent time with her. Mrs. Peters says “we all go through the same things (abuse)” 

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