17 Feb 2023


Conflict and Team Dynamics

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Conflict, an unavoidable social life factor, has been extremely predominant in organizational settings where persons collaborate. Conflicts are regarded as discrepancies and confrontations amongst team members created by apparent inconsistencies in opinions, opportunities, and opinions. The vigilance project is a case study in the dynamics of divergence amongst diverse project groups within Pharmed international. Pharmed International was instituted as a result of a merger between two organizations. Vigilance Project is a good illustration of how significant interactions are and how badly team leaders and administrators frequently conduct them. 

Why Case Study Is About Team Conflict and Developing Team Conflict 

The vigilance project is an exciting case study that tackles different forms of conflict. The conflicts range from cultural, personal wars, team conflicts, physical vicinity conflicts, relational distance, and biases. Pharmed International is one of the world's renowned pharmaceutical firms instituted due to a merger between ValMed and PharmCo. This was a two-year project by core teams in the US and France, liable for the design and implementation. According to Dominick (2016) , the conflicts that arise from the case study are illustrated through two diverse aspects of influencing conflicts and the team's performance. They consist of ethnic values and physical location. There are also intrapersonal and leadership concerns. The companies are key players in the pharmaceutical sector but vary in mode of communication, style of management, and ethnic orientation. The teams struggle to communicate on ways of conducting the assigned duties effectively. Conflict also arises based on interpersonal relations ( Roma & Bedwell, 2017) . This is seen as the communications lead presents a communication strategy to one of the teams, signifying authority over another group. 

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Effects of Distance on Team Dynamics and Performance 

The advantage of technology advances the workers’ ability to conduct duties remotely. In contemporary workstations, where companies are universal due to technological advances with employees from diverse nationalities, appropriate communication should be used to guarantee seamless operations. Physical distance impacts synchronization, and time zone variations hamper real-time teamwork. Coordination from similar working space might have aided in overcoming trust issues and harmony aggravated by ethnic alterations. Effective communication and leadership amongst personnel and leaders are influenced by physical remoteness. The dynamic, relational, and physical perceptions related to distance are also different outlooks to contemplate. According to Wakeman and Langham Jr (2018) , research indicates that both physical and emotional distance influence effectiveness and other relationship-based results. For instance, contact effectiveness and gratification with administrators. Therefore, distance is critical in guaranteeing success in a team. 

The decision to Delegate Sub-Team Sponsors 

To a certain extent, I consider it a great idea to delegate sub-team sponsors. However, the team members' communication was not perfect, especially with the communication challenges and an uncertain command chain. In most cases, each project in a company consists of a sponsor, considered as executive management personnel. The sub-team sponsors assist in synchronizing and assigning responsibilities, though having more growth complexities. Sub-team sponsors also assist in diluting the negative impacts of the project manager's actions as they assume the role of mediation ( DuBrin, 2016) . Sub-Team sponsors have the chance to interact with other teams to inquire about vital elements and offer fresh concepts. However, there are various aspects they may be unable to resolve—for instance, problems like enhanced hierarchy in reporting and extra channels of communication. The project manager is likely to have challenges with the delegated team as it overrides his influence in project management. In general, the empowered teams will enhance unity amongst the groups, and their project will be accomplished. Proverbs 16:3 states that designate your efforts to the Lord and your plans shall be recognized. 

The Vigilance project illustrates numerous conflicts such as leadership, conveying information, and understanding amongst the teams. Project teams and management are vital in the control of conflict. Effective management of conflicts by using better aspects such as delegating sub-sponsors greatly helps focus on the business objectives. This is viewed as a facilitator for improvement and success in a company. 


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