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Contrast the Leadership Styles of Leaders

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Yukl (2012) noted that an effective leader is an individual who shows a deep passion for a specific cause that has the potential of benefiting all. They must be driven by vision and objectives aimed at revolutionizing the status quo and creating a good society. An example of an effective leader is the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton. One of the vital characteristics of an effective leader is that they are passionate about their jobs. Although he is now retired, he continues to serve millions of children worldwide in his Clinton Foundation. He is also a holder of values such as philanthropy, and during his time as president, he advocated for racial equality and peace around the globe. 

On the other hand, Donald Trump, the current president of the US is an ineffective leader. Although he also has the passion for making America great again, he lacks in the area of emotional stability, a vital characteristic that a leader must show. Good leaders tolerate stress and frustration. However, Trump has demonstrated dismissal and resentment towards people who oppose his philosophy. He lacks values such as unity and diversity as seen by some of his policies on Muslim immigrants and Mexicans (Diamond, 2015). However, he has a vision for the nation which aims at putting America back to its dominant and influential position. 

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Trump and Bill Clinton have similarities and differences in their leadership styles. Examples of similarities include the fact that they both have the vision to change America and the world albeit in different capacities. Trump aims at improving the economic and political stature of America while Clinton is focused on improving the lives of Americans through his foundation. Secondly, both use their political influence in achieving their goals. However, whereas Trump has shown arrogance in his leadership, Clinton has always remained humble. Also, Bill Clinton has proved to be a better communicator than Trump. 


Diamond, J. (2015). Donald Trump: ban all Muslim travel to the US. CNN. December 8

Yukl, G. (2012). Effective leadership behavior: What we know and what questions need more attention.  Academy of Management Perspectives 26 (4), 66-85. 

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