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Creating Connections: How to Build Strong Relationships

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Human beings being social agents live in a society that is heavily ridden with sociological issues that may affect them either negatively or positively. Additionally, the community calls upon these human beings to make rational decisions on how to best participate in social issues. The paper previously looked at bullying in schools as a major societal issue by looking at its social perspectives especially on how it comes about, its impact and other sociological aspects related to this sociological problem. More so, a map on bullying was provided using emphasis on primary reasons as to why this practice of bullying is sustained in the society. Research shows that at least 20 percent of students around the world usually fall into this bullying phenomenon which can be considered staggering. This essay aims at making connections on this issue by following the map to determine cultural, social roles, social inequalities, and impact of social change in regard to bullying.

Cultural aspect of bullying 

Bullying is in fact culturally ingrained in most societies making it a regular phenomenon and most students feel that it is normal to be bullied or to bully others. As such students who seem not to fit in the cultural norms as expected by the society usually find themselves being marked as candidates of bullying. This is usually the case especially when the majority has a say, and the minority end up suffering at the hands of the majority in a certain culture. The example given is on LGBT community when it finds itself schooling with students who call themselves ‘normal.' Consequently, the minority will be bullied since they do not adhere to the set cultural beliefs and practices. In my view, these cultural beliefs and biases are strained since they tend to bring about negative relationships denying other people an opportunity to enjoy their life simply because they are different from the majority.

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Social Roles 

The society expects its members to perform certain tasks in order to sustain its well- being and its continued existence. Failure to the roles to be played by each member can be a source of conflict as well as the disintegration of that society. Bullying may be a result of a clear distinction of the roles that different students should play which then creates conflicts because of difference in opinions. The map shows that students play a significant role when it comes to determining where they are the ones being bullied or bullying others. This is made possible by the choices they make that are if they decide to have different sexual preferences they bring bullying to themselves. This creates strained relationships between students and expectations from the two groups are diverted to bullying instead of working hard in their academics.

Social Inequalities 

Bullying seems to spell out that high degree of social inequalities exists between the bullied and the bullying students. This is so since from the map most students who are bullied are either from lower economic class, have weird appearances or have different sexual preferences from the others. These inequalities are used unfairly to determine who fits in and who does not know which creates strained relationships in the school system. The presence of these social inequalities helps one to understand that bullying is deeply entrenched in our societies considering that inequalities will always be there meaning that bullying will continue to be a persistent social issue.

Impact of Social Change 

Social change is a fundamental concept when it comes to dealing with the social issue of bullying. This is so since according to the map bullying affects a lot of students who find committing suicide the quickest option out of their predicament as a result of being segregated by others. Additionally, this phenomenon leads to family breakups since students with different sexual orientations find themselves segregated by family and friends. This then creates the need for social intervention through creating social change so that these individuals can be accepted to reduce the incidences of suicide and family disintegration.

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