19 Jun 2022


Current Issues Facing Nurse Informatics

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Nurse informatics play critical roles in the journey to the improvement of a patient by providing required information on best treatment and management strategies. There are various challenges facing nurse informatics in their line of duty (Roy, 2018). First off, nursing practice studies are getting advanced each day. Failure for informatics to continue with the studies minimizes their knowledge. They are therefore unable to offer the latest technological therapies to the patients. Language barrier is still a major problem. Informatics are unable to pass information effectively with providers from different cultural backgrounds, and with translators, information may be misinterpreted. It is important for the informatics to learn the cultural variables of different patients and how the information they discover will affect acceptance of improved treatment approaches. 

Personal Philosophy as an Advanced Practice Nurse 

Educational and clinical experience have equipped me with knowledge, skills and proficiency I require when assisting my patients. I believe in ethical operations by researching a health problem and ensuring that my patients are aware about their health status. I guide my patients in making a decision on the health treatment route depending on my research (Arries, 2019). 

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Nursing Educator’s Impact on the Patient Outcome 

The quality of any patient’s care relies on the information the provider has about the health problem and treatment methods. Nursing informatics guide in researching and collecting information on a certain health problem and helping patients make the best decision concerning the treatment method they choose ( Ashrafi et al., 2019 ). Nursing informatics thus improves patient outcome, reduced medical errors, use of evidence-based practice and reduced cost of treatment. 


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Roy, C. (2018). Key issues in nursing theory: Developments, challenges, and future directions. Nursing research, 67(2), 81-92. 

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