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Deployment Model in Cloud Computing

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Deployment model is a representation of a cloud environment primarily distinguished by parameters such as accessibility, proprietorship, and storage size. The National Institute of Standards and Technology gives the following four deployment methods in cloud computing; Hybrid model, private model, public model, and community model.

Public cloud is where data is generated and stored in third-party servers and availed to the general public. In this model, the infrastructure is owned by service providers who administer pool resource. It implies that the user companies do not have to put up their hardware.

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The private Cloud model is slightly different from the public cloud model. The ability of third-party servers to store data for user companies is eliminated in this model. Data resides within an individual user’s firewall. This model is more secure since information is kept in a private repository.

Community model is similar to private except the infrastructure is not owned by one service provider, but more than one similar organization share support and resources. It is suitable for organizations that are working under a joint project because this model provides uniformity in performance for companies with business-specific objectives.

The hybrid model allows companies to combine features from the above three models and work with those that best suit their operational requirement.

Chart on Deployment Models in Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud 

Consist of at least two distinct cloud infrastructures bounded by a standardized technology that enables data and application portability 

Community Cloud 

provisioned for exclusive use by a specific community of consumers from organizations that have shared concerns 

Public Cloud 

Infrastructure provisioned for use by the general public 

Private Cloud 

Provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising of multiple users 


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