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How to Use Web Search Engines for Business Research

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The advancement of technology has made it possible for many people around the world to have easy access to information whenever they want. The development of the Wide World Web-enabled different kinds of information to be placed on the internet where a user would only need an internet connection before accessing it. Despite the ready availability of information on the internet, the quality of the information obtained depends on the search engines used. Search engines are programs that make it possible for online users to access information on the internet by keying in the kind of information they need and the program displays a list of results from different sources (Kerr, 2016). This paper aims at establishing the quality and volume derived from different search engines through a search on ethanol as an alternate fuel source. 

Among the major search engines are Google and Bing. Google, Inc. is an American multinational company that is involved in the provision of different internet-based products and services such as cloud computing, a search engine, and software and hardware development. The company was founded in 1998 it has rapidly grown into one of the largest technology companies in the world with a worldwide presence (Zhao, & Tse, 2011). Google's search engine is considered to be among the best as it enables users to access any information that they might need quickly. The search engine samples information from different sources including credible websites, blogs, and scholarly journals. There is a high probability that a user would find any kind of information they are looking for if they utilize Google’s search engine. Bing is another commonly used search engine. Developed by Microsoft in 2009, the search engine has also grown rapidly to attract a lot of online users due to its user-friendly interfaces (Zhao, & Tse, 2011). Bing provides search services ranging from images, map search products, and videos. Users are also able to access any information by being directed to credible websites or documents displayed in the search engine’s results. Comparison with Google search engine reveals that they are almost the same except slight variations. 

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A search conducted on both Google and Bing search engines concerning ethanol as an alternative fuel led to almost the same information. Due to the environmental concerns caused by the use of fossil fuels, many people have turned to ethanol as an alternative. Ethanol is a type of alcohol which is found in different materials such as sugarcane and paper waste (Neves, 2010). As a source of fuel, gasoline is oxygenated by mixing it with ethanol. It can also be used independently as a source of fuel for vehicles. The use of ethanol leads to fewer emissions released to the environment. Furthermore, it helps in the maintenance of cars by raising the octane rating of the fuel used (Neves, 2010). By analyzing the search results presented by both search engines, it is evident that Google presented a large number of results compared to Bing. The quality of the information was almost the same as both search engines displayed different sources, and the quality of information depended on the type of source chosen by a user. 

The use of both search engines shows that they are similar regarding primary search results. This is because they mostly sampled results from the same sources such as websites. However, some differences exist between the two search engines. Foremost, a video search using Bing search engine gives a user a better experience compared to Google’s search engine because it provides a user with a grid of thumbnails from which a user can choose without having to leave Bing (Garoufallou, 2012). Bing also has more autocomplete suggestions compared to Google as it provides eight while Google provides only four autocomplete suggestions. Another difference is that Google’s search interface is better compared to Bing’s search interface. As a result of the popularity and longevity of Google’s search engine, it proved to be the easiest to use compared to Bing, and it also provided detailed information about ethanol as a source of fuel compared. 

In summation, research on both Google and Bing search engine concerning the use of ethanol as a source of fuel proved that Google’s search engine provided the best and quality results compared to Bing. Google, Inc. is an American multinational company that is involved in different internet-based products and services such as cloud computing, search engine, and software and hardware development. Bing, on the other hand, was developed by Microsoft in 2009 and it has proliferated to attract a lot of online users due to its user-friendly interfaces. A comparison of the two search engines proved that Google is indeed the best search engine compared to Bing due to the quality of results displayed and user-friendliness. 


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