22 Jun 2022


Developing the HR Forecast

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Motors and More Ltd. is focused on the labor demand in the company after meeting all the other strategies. To determine the labor demand and supply of the company, various factors should be considered including the population in the area, the level of production, and the level of training required in the company. Increased populations translate to increased source of labor, a higher quantity of products will need more labor force, and higher costs will be incurred when advanced skills are required in the company. The company requires a labor force with advanced skills and a higher level of production, which means that they should incur more expenses meet the labor demand and supply. The company will have a wide base of labor source after the migration of Hispanics and Kurdish in the area. As the labor demands increases in the company, various defects are experienced, which might lead to failure of the demands are not addressed. All the employees should be incorporated in the demand strategy such that they work towards the same goal. 

Diversification is an important aspect of any business organization. Motors and More integrated diversification by encouraging the Hispanics and Kurdish work in the company. Such diversification will attract professionals with different skills various fields, which will help in improving production. The company focused on empowering women to take different leadership positions in the company. Women should be given training priorities such that they can take leadership positions and achieve gender rule in the company. When an organization is undertaking any change, a qualified professional should be appointed as a leader in the change process. Such a person should well inform regarding the missions, vision, and goals of the organizations such he/she can be in a position to observe the change rules. 

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