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Dissemination of Nursing Information

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Dissemination of nursing information has emerged nowadays to assist nurses fully in using information technology to improve the healthcare delivery. Nursing informatics is an area that integrates nursing science, information science, and computer science to communicate and manage data and knowledge to support patients, nurses and other healthcare providers in their decision-making in all roles and settings. The key elements that help to achieve nursing information are information structures, information processes, and information technology. Thus, dissemination of nursing information plays a major role in improving the health of patients by maximizing on information, management, and communication. This paper, therefore, discusses why the dissemination of nursing information is important to the future of nursing.

Dissemination of nursing information helps nurses to be technically competent. Technical competencies in a wide scope are associated with the use of computers and other technological equipment such as psychomotor. Here, selected technological applications are used effectively to create a conducive environment for nurses. According to Polit and Beck, (2008), use of technology will help nurses feel confident in their practice settings, especially at the bedside, so that to attend to the client at the same time. The second attribute is utility competencies. It helps nurses to use computers and other technological equipment in delivering their services. According to Michel and Sneed (2013), dissemination of nursing information is a way of been creative in the use of selected technological applications and utilize the research evidenced based practice in an effective way. A leadership competency is a third attribute that is associated with the usage of computers in nursing practice. This attribute will help to eliminate management and ethical issues in the field of nursing. Furthermore, it will foster accountability in the management, quality assurance, and patient privacy when selected technological application is used in a knowledgeable way. 

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According to Funk, Tornquist and Champagne (2007), dissemination nursing information helps to digitize paper charting that reducing documentation time. Cheek, Gillham and Ballantyne (2009), believes that dissemination of nursing information removes tedious and ambiguous that nurses encounter during their practice. On the other hand, Luker and Kenrick (2013), believes that dissemination of nursing information helps to reduce turnaround time. The time is calculated when the request is made up to the time the request is processed. For instance, nurses can receive laboratory results by use of an E-mail thus reducing turnaround time. In the end, nurses will have more time for patient care. 

In healthcare centers, dissemination of nursing information has a major impact on quality and cost of healthcare. It improves communication and management of information among health care providers. Thus, dissemination of nursing information in future will help nurses to prevent making medical errors and interpret physician prescription so that to manage patients effectively. According to Cheek, Gillham and Ballantyne (2009), dissemination of nursing information affects nurses several ways; this includes: first, patient-nurse collaboration and sharing of information with physicians. Secondly, nurses will be in a good position to assess and monitor patient’s disease and ailments. Thirdly, nurses will be able to utilize the scientific research to provide evidence-based care. Lastly, it will help nurses to work faster, more competent, and smarter in whatever they do. 

In conclusion, dissemination of nursing information helps to manage medical information in order to provide quality care in nursing practice. The main objective of dissemination of nursing information is to focus on critical information by use technology to enable nurses to render their services effectively. Therefore, self-governance, voluntary certification, active participation in research efforts, and involvement in influencing healthcare policies are vital for the dissemination of nursing information.


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