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Drug and Substance Abuse Continues to Affect the United States Economy

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Over the years, drug and substance abuse have been a major problem that continues to affect the United States economy. There is no doubt that billions of dollars have from time been spent in buying these illicit drugs while at the same time the government has spent relatively large amounts so as to fight these drugs. Most of the people who sell drugs do not think of the impacts his business might come up with that will, in the long run, affect both those who use it and those that don’t. These large amounts of money ought to have been spent on many productive projects. It is because of these gross economic impacts that the Drug Enforcement Administration was formed to cub the misdoings. The DEA was formed with one main mission; to ensure that laws and regulations as pertaining to the controlled substances are strictly adhered to. 

Law Enforcement Operations 

One man, Saleem Shareef, a former captain in the military army does not evade the just because he was of service to his country. In one of the judicial proceedings that were presided over by Charles M. Oberly, we see Saleem Sharif who at that time was about 36years of age pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess with an intent to distribute over 100 grams of heroin which is in violation of the laws of the land. 

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To ensure that it carries out its tasks in the right manner, the DEA had a lot of responsibilities to take on. One of their main operations was to conduct a thorough investigation on the case that had already been presented to them. Immediately the investigations were done, then it was required of them to present the perpetrators of the offense for prosecution in the judicial system. The DEA so as to operate efficiently are also required to cooperate with the federal agencies in managing the national drug intelligence Programme. It is expected of the DEA to always comply, not only with the laws of the country but also with those of the United Nations as well as other governments on matters that relate to the international drug control initiatives. 

Law Enforcement Strategies 

Laws will always be there, but enforcing them among the citizens and the law breakers might be a hurdle that we must devise mechanisms on ensuring they are adhered to. The DEA, for instance, uses mechanisms such as reducing the demand for the illicit substances. This is achieved through creating an illusion within the society on how bad the drugs may affect them. Such illusions make the society to disapprove of such drugs and in the long run discourage potential users from using or buying them. In the scenario where most people in the society are addicts, then arrest will be warranted in which the addict get secluded and are not allowed access to that certain substance. Arrest, therefore, gives room for the rehabilitation process to run effectively. 

On this case study, we see how the DEA is able to arrest the perpetrators of drug smuggling in a swift manner. These arrests seem to have been well investigated and well calculated by the time they make their moves. Thomas, who is a customer to Saleem seems to betray his colleague Sharif. He gives information about Sharifs activities that later on lead to his arrest. Sharif gets arrested while meeting with his source just outside Amtrak train station. On searching them, the two are found to be in possession of about 115grams of heroin concealed in DVD cases inside their bags. This shows on how the DEA can be applauded in its law enforcement strategies. 

Another strategy that is usually used is disruption of the supply chain strategy. It is believed that the supply of illicit drugs involves many parties and organizations. The DEA therefore upon detection of a certain link, it dismantles an organization and so the whole supply chain is the disrupted momentarily. This is as seen in the case study above where all the links to get access to heroine have all been arrested thus suggesting that the users will not be able to buy the drugs anymore. It is further reported that over fifteen individuals had been charged in connection with the Wilmington-based drug organization to enter a guilty plea. 

The DEA has also helped in creating community policing, in that each member of a community has to keep vigil of his surroundings. Community policing usually works on the principal that the community and the police should work as one in pointing out problems and giving out solutions. It is through this that the DEA has been able to track down gang criminals who live within us. Better solutions have also been offered and suggestions made on how to curb the drug trafficking mayhem. The residents of Delaware have been made aware of these people cautioned against indulging on such businesses. 

The DEA has also made its work easier by always sharing intelligence information to the public. Information is collected, evaluated and carefully analyzed before being released to the public. Such information is usually important since they may lead to a quick arrest of the perpetrators in this illegal business. 

Technology has also been used so as to ensure that the laws pertaining to drug abuse are fully adhered to. CCTV cameras have been installed all over the states and great cities of the United States. The identification technology used by the DEA is also modern; one that can identify a culprit using the available facials, body structure or even height. This has discouraged some notorious drug traffickers from continuing with the same business. Potential investors into the business have also been discouraged and therefore go on to seek alternative legal business ventures. Tracking devices have also been used to track down traffickers. The communication system between federal agencies has been greatly improved to ensure information passed is acted upon in the very fast way possible. Technology has also made it possible to create more advanced chemical and biological detectors which have been used to track down smugglers in the United States of America. All these adopted technologies have been made possible with the help of the Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center (CTAC) that was established by the Counter-Narcotics Technology Act of 1990. 

The Prosecution Process: A Case Study 

Drug trafficking in the United States soil is a criminal offense and individuals convicted of related offenses are usually presented to the attorneys for prosecution. 

The case study in point covers the matter of drug smuggling, perpetrated by a former United States army Captain. The captain in question had smuggled heroin from Afghanistan into US soil. Charles M. Oberly, United States Attorney for Delaware district is seen to give a sentencing on Saleem Shareef who pleaded guilty of having imported heroin in DVD case during his time as a contractor in Afghanistan. One of his customers who is implicated in the case is neither left behind; he too gets prosecuted. 

The prosecutions on a case as that of Saleem dictate that he should be imprisoned for the duration of up to a maximum of forty years with a minimum of five years. It is important to give credit to the judicial system who gives no preference in its sentencing no matter your statesmanship. Saleem who might have won many battles for his beloved country on the battlefield is not an exemption to the rule of law. He is prosecuted just the same way any other citizen would have. 

One man Darol Thomas, Saleen’s customer is caught while trying to trade heroin to one of his clients is caught by the DEA agents in the act. He is unable to defend himself, proving that it is difficult to dismiss or tamper with DEA expert witness. This proves that witness and evidence provide to the jury is usually substantial enough to make a deserved ruling on a case. This also proves on how independent the DEA operates since the witness would have been bought to do away with the case. (Eli Stutsman - DEA Prosecutions, 2017) 

The DEA has over the years done a recommended job and it would be better if the government gives their agents more protection since the people that they are fighting against have the “money” and may cause threats to their lives or rather buy their freedom. So to say, the jury also has to act independently with fear of intimidation from the drug lords. 


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