13 May 2022


Effective Time Management in Nursing

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Time management in nursing is an important skill for the achievement of quality healthcare in health facilities (Ebrahimi, Hosseinzadeh, Tefreshi, & Hosseinzadeh, 2014). It is a skill that can be used in clinical and community settings to help prevent disasters or manage them effectively. Effective time management is a key component in the nursing because it means the provision of quality healthcare and attainment of desired outcomes (Ebrahimi et al., 2014). Nurses are involved in almost every step of treatment of an individual from the time they report a problem to the time they are cured. Their efforts and steadfast actions prevent disease-related complications and death. Time management plays a key role in the successful accomplishment of nursing tasks and achievement of personal career goals.

Nurses that are able to manage their time effectively are likely to accomplish their tasks and achieve their goals within the required time. Time management involves planning, organization, prioritization, the timely accomplishment of tasks, and alignment of the schedules with the institutional programmes (Ebrahimi et al., 2014). Effective time management enables nurses to complete their tasks on time and thus, reduces chances of making errors while working hastily. In a health institution, errors may lead to worse disease complications and even cause death. For example, lack of organization and prioritization may cause delays in life-saving procedures such as first aid and operations that may cost a patient’s life. A nurse should plan their schedule such that they accomplish the important and urgent tasks first then complete and less urgent ones later on. Finally, time management also helps the accomplishment of the team goals. Timely preparation of patients makes the work of other health medical personnel such as physicians, surgeons, and physiotherapists less strenuous. Generally, time management skills help nurses do their tasks early enough and prevent last-minute stresses. 

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Ebrahimi, H., Hosseinzadeh, R., Tefreshi, M. Z., & Hosseinzadeh, S. (2014). Time management behaviors of head nurses and staff nurses employed in Tehran Social Security Hospitals, Iran in 2011. Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research, 19 (2), 193.

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