31 May 2022


Effects of Healthcare Reforms on the Role of the Nurse Educator

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Various departments and stakeholders in the healthcare sector all over the world have been on the forefront advocating for reforms in the provision of care. As such, a lot of services have been devolved from state/public hospitals to ambulatory and community care. Therefore, this provides different consequences for the nursing education provider. 

Firstly, the reforms have greatly affected the means of education in nursing schools and institutions. For instance, traditional means of education have had to be revised to offer tailored training needed for the three types of nursing care being advocated. These types of nursing care include primary, transition, and accountable care systems (Halstead, 2012). The reason behind the continued review of the nursing care categories is because each system addresses a distinctive need. Initially, the traditional systems equipped nurses with basic skills needed for hospital duties. 

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Another effect has been the pushing for a more practical approach to the advancement of science through research to equip learners with practical skills to handle patients in the various medical provider setups. Subsequently, clinical models have had to be redesigned to prepare the student for a more patient-centered environment managing care transition. 

The reforms have also affected the faculty capacity in nursing institutions. One of the implications of this effect is portrayed by the reforms pushed for a revision on the age bracket of practitioners in hospitals, thus, lowering the retirement age (Spetz, 2014). This creates the pressure to train more nurses to cater for the slots created. This creates pressure on the part of the educator to accommodate a bigger faculty. Secondly, the reforms push for a more delocalized service provision, in the sense that it promotes ambulatory care, which includes physician clinics, consultant doctors, and community clinics. All these avenues require nurses and practitioners, forcing the educator to produce more workforce. 


Halstead, J. (2012). Transforming Nursing Education to Meet Emerging Care Needs.   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation . 

Spetz, J. (2014). How will health reform affect demand for RNs?. Nursing Economics , 32 (1), 42. 

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