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Eligibility Rules Private Contracts

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Eligibility rules are used to determine how services should be discharged to the society. The most important aspect about eligibility rules is that they help to make sure that the services are distributed equally within the society (Chambers & Bonk, 2013). Additionally, the eligibility rules are of different types which include: administrative, prior contribution, private contract and much more. This paper focuses on the eligibility rules of private contracts.

Availability of the program.

The program can be available to a person employed by relative organizations or to societies which have ongoing projects. This projects involved might be the construction of hospitals or roads. The organizations and projects owners sign contracts with private contractors so as to help provide insurance policies to the employees and the society. Additionally, the person who signs the contract must have a key role in the organization or project. The Key role can either be a manager’s role, or other leaders in a company or a project. Some of the benefits received from the private contract provision include medical cover insurance, food contracts, among other services (Chambers & Bonk, 2013).

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Advantages of private contracts.

The private contract has positive elements which benefit organizations as well as societies. First, it is a means that guarantees the provision of quality services which are delivered on time (Sheikh, 2008). The services provided to different organizations and societies can include house insurance contracts, medical insurance, school constructions or buildings for business purposes.

Additionally, assets which are not found in the public sectors are available in the private provision services (Sheikh, 2008). This is an advantage as people are not worried about the services they need because they can get them from the private provisions. Private contracts act as a backup given that it can provide assets and services that are unavailable in the public sector. An example is medical insurance cover of cancer patients which is mostly available in the private sectors. Patients with access to private sector seem better off than the ones in public.

Moreover, private provision contracts help the staff to cover expenses they could not afford (Sheikh, 2008). This is because the organization signs the contract so as to help the staff cover insurance policies. The staff can acquire medical services, house insurance, and transport services among others without worrying about the affordability of such services. 

Disadvantages of private contracts.

On the other hand, private rule contracts have their disadvantages. Private provision contracts are expensive compared to the public ones (Sheikh, 2008). This limits some organizations or projects into signing contracts with them. It, therefore, affects the society included in the project or staffs of an organization as they will receive less than the required.

Additionally, the private provision contracts agreements take long before they can be effected (Sheikh, 2008). The process is complicated; therefore, it requires a cautious approach before an agreement can be reached. A lot of time is therefore needed to ensure that the clients or beneficiaries get into a contract that would not make them regret in future. Moreover, more time is required to enable the process of putting together all of the materials required before the contract can be signed.

Another demerit about this structure is that some companies which provide these services may sometimes change their employees each time. An example is a contract between a school and a security company which provides security men. The company might keep on changing the soldiers, and this might bring about security issues in the school. This may create a bad relation between the society, project managers, employees or the organization. As such, the services may not be offered in the right way. Nevertheless, private provision contractors are prone to bankruptcy problems (Sheikh, 2008). The bankruptcy problem may arise from projects which require massive investment so as to finish the whole process. Organization also might demand large amount of money regarding insurance which might render the private sector bankrupt.

Determination of eligibility process

Additionally, there is a process in which eligibility is determined in the various places that involve private contracts. The process is based on a review and assessment of the existing information about the services already being offered (New York State Office if Indigent Legal Services, 2016). This information can only be attained through specific ways. For instance, observations can be done on the society projects which signed contracts with a private provision company. Besides, staff members or the organization can be questioned as for whether the services given match their expectations. An example is that a staff member can give his or her experience on how the insurance company has impacted their life. Also, the society can be involved by giving information on the process of the project. If the data gathered after the review are negative, then the eligibility process is inadequate. On the other hand, if it gives good results then the services offered are satisfying to the society or the members of an organization.


In conclusion, private contracts have advantages and disadvantages which impact lives of various people differently. Additionally, the private contracts can give services to an individual as well as a society. An individual benefit through their organization by having insurance covers either medically or in terms of rent. Lastly, the eligibility process helps to ensure that the private contracts deliver the right services and in a fair way.


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Sheikh, N. (2008). Community Benefits Agreements: Can Private Contracts Replace Public Responsibility? Cornell Journal of Law and Public Responsibility , 18(1), 223-246.

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