5 Jun 2022


Emerging Issues in Healthcare Management

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The hospital environment is conceptualized to restore people to health, provide, and manage illnesses and diseases. And within the setting is a team of professionals that work together in a collaborative and synergistic manner. Professionalism requires adherence to ethical codes of the profession, and the healthcare is not an exception. The patient-health professional relationship can result in a conflict that progress to litigation. This progression is because unmet needs can lead to conflict (Mayer, 2000). What follows is a response to a case study of a conflict involving a patient and the health care team. Where humans exist, conflict is inevitable.

Question 1 . The known fact, in this case, includes the following: the patient, in this instance, is an elderly man. Mentally sound to get dressed and leave the premises and was interrupted, questioned by a nurse on duty. The patient is physically stronger than the nurse. Also, the nurse sustained a concussion; claimed his right to leave; was given sedatives, and is suing the hospital. Probably, what might be going on is the patient's erratic behavior has underlying psychiatric elements.

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Question 2 . The responsibilities of the hospital to Mr. Nathan include diagnosing his condition; treating him; and discharging him when the physician considers the state of his recovery. To achieve these will mean that the doctor and nurses “consider first the well-being of the patient” (Canadian Medical Assoc., 2004, n.p).

Question 3 . The hospital will compensate the nurse for her injury in agreement with the occupational hazard compensation included in her contract with the hospital and the insurance package. She was acting her role, trying to care for the yet-to-be discharged patient.

Question 4 . The reaction of the elderly patient called to question the best action to be undertaken. The judgment of the physician to sedate the uncontrollable patient in one’s assessment was justified. It is evident that the patient is still under clinical observations. However, he appears to be challenging and questioning his stay in the hospital (Roussel, 2006).

Question 5 . This case will not hold up in court because he lacks evidence to support his claim of being well enough to leave. And he was leaving the hospital against the clearance of the physician. He sees himself as an entitled patient who is locked up in the hospital against his will. It might be a case of non-adherence to medical advice and self-destructive personality disorders.


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