26 Apr 2022


Ethics Role in Justice and Fairness

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According to Colquitt and Rodell (2015), ethics and morality play a significant role in the dispensation of justice and fairness. Various approaches can be applied to ensure that justice and fairness are looked through the lenses of ethical reasoning. The first ethical approach to justice and fairness is the utilitarian approach. In this model, actions are assessed based on the outcomes or consequences it has. It is a theory that seeks to achieve the biggest good for the highest number of people and also to prevent the largest number of people from suffering. In making decisions, it advocates for the consideration of every individual or group's interest equally hence emphasizing on the application of justice and fairness. 

The second ethical approach that enhances justice and fairness is the common-good approach. It is a theory that assumes that the good of every individual in the society must be tied to the overall community good (Eisenbeiss, 2012). It further states that the community members are united in the pursuit of similar goals and values. Therefore, the approach advocates for fairness and justice by ensuring that institutions, policies, systems, and environments in the society have a benefit to all. Examples of entities that should be provided in a just and fair way include the legal system, security, and healthcare among others.

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Thirdly, another ethical approach to justice and fairness is the virtue approach. Here, there are particular ideals that every member of the society should strive to achieve that ensure full development of humanity. The virtues are the set of characters that facilitate the full dispensation of justice and fairness in the community. Such virtues include honesty, fidelity, courage, and integrity among others.

In conclusion, justice and fairness can only exist where there is no discrimination or favoritism. Ethical reason ensures that certain people do not get benefits without proper justifiable reasons and that others do not suffer because of their disparities.


Colquitt, J. A., & Rodell, J. B. (2015). Measuring justice and fairness. Oxford handbook of justice in the workplace , 187-202.

Eisenbeiss, S. A. (2012). Re-thinking ethical leadership: An interdisciplinary, integrative approach. The Leadership Quarterly , 23 (5), 791-808.

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